Starbucks strikes again with their unreal, limited edition frappuccinos. This season they are dedicating to mystical and magical creatures - fortune tellers. The new Starbucks Crystal Ball Frapp came out on Thursday, March 22 and is available while supplies last. Ever since the Unicorn drink (which I wasn't able to get my hand on), I have been obsessed with limited edition drinks from Starbucks. Starbucks created a mermaid and a zombie drink, but nothing compares to the OG unicorn frapp.

But the question still stands: how does this magical drink tastes? Is it as tropical as mango-tasting Unicorn drink? Or does it taste like straight up sugar covered in honey? Let's see what are the ingredients and compare it to how the drink actually tastes like.

What's inside the Crystal Ball? 

Milana Yemelyanova

According to Starbucks' official website, Crystal Ball Frappuccino is a "peach infusion topped with peach flavored whipped cream, turquoise sprinkles and one of three different candy gems that reveal your fortune". Some of the main components include milk, Crème Frappuccino Syrup, classic syrup, and white chocolate mocha sauce. 

It's a very peachy situation

Milana Yemelyanova

I am not going to lie, I was a little skeptical when barista handed me a blueish white drink. I was expecting a peachy drink to at least have peach color, but this drink is so magical it turns any color turquoise. But all biases aside, as soon as I made my first sip, I fell in love. Crystal Ball Frappuccino tastes like a legitimate peach covered in sugar in a liquid form. However, once the blue sauce is gone, all you really taste is milk. It really reminded me of Vanilla Bean Frapp, which I used to drink all the time when I was younger. I almost lost all the hope for this drink, but I let it sit for a little and then mixed up the concussion: GAME CHANGER! The drink came back to life for the second time; the peach flavored whip cream added more sweetness. 

My overall score 10/10.

Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with my flavor ranking. Ryan got a tall version of the drink, and after making a sip made a "I-don't-like-this" face. He said, there's no coffee, it is milky, and the texture is kinda off too. He didn't mind the sweetness of the Crystal Ball, but he wasn't even able to finish it.

Ryan's overall score 7/10. 

What is my fortune?

Milana Yemelyanova

The new frapp comes with different whip toppings: green for luck, blue for adventure, and purple for magic. My barista was definitely new at a fortune teller job; he gave me them all at once. I will test out how adventurous, magical and lucky I will feel later in the day! 

Overall, this limited edition Crystal Ball Frappuccino exceeded my expectations and definitely satisfied my peach cravings for a long time! Grab yours while it's still available and snap a picture of it to add to your frappuccinos collection.