Get ready—according to some Starbucks baristas, a new take on the Unicorn Frappuccino, a Crystal Ball Frappuccino, is coming to stores this Thursday. And if the madness of the mystical drink from last April is any indication of how customers will react to this one, it's going to be huge. 

Here's what we know so far

Business Insider reports that local Starbucks stores and baristas have been leaking the news on social media. From Starbucks locations in Alabama to Wisconsin, some locations have been posting teasers of the drink on Instagram. Although Starbucks reps have yet to confirm anything, by doing a quick search of #crystalballfrappuccino on Instagram, the likelihood that it's real and coming is pretty high. 

According to posts, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino will be available Thursday, March 22 for four days (or until supplies last). The drink is basically made for getting likes with its ~magical~ twist of turquoise syrup and cream, topped with whipped topping and rock candy crystals in three variations—blue, green, and pink colors. Stay tuned for details on the actual flavor of the drink, but early reports have said peach

Frapps are basically made for social media

It's become apparent that "pretty frapps" sell better than regular ones. Starbucks recently ended its Frappuccino Happy Hour due to a decrease in sales, but variations of specialty Frapps (see: Unicorn, Zombie, and Christmas Tree Frappuccinos) seem to keep on coming. And you know what? Bring 'em on! Who doesn't love the occasional sweet and pretty treat? 

Set yourself a reminder to get to Starbucks on Thursday if you want to a try the mystical and maybe even more magical take on the Unicorn Frapp. The Crystal Ball Frappuccino will only be here for a limited time, but your Instagram post of it will live on forever.