A little bit ago, avocado lattes were the new trend, made popular by a place in Australia. Honestly, the food trends are just getting weirder. It was bound to happen when you think about it. Avocados are trendy, coffee is trendy, might as well throw the two together. It faced criticism by some, of course. Why can’t coffee be enjoyed normally? But I think food trends are fun, despite how extra they seem at times. Avocado coffee, I'm coming for you.

My Turn

avocado, sweet, guacamole
Sarah Silbiger

I was recently enjoying a cup of coffee and an avocado, not with the intention of putting them together, when I remembered this trend. Hey, I’m home alone with no one to judge me, I thought. Why not try this out for myself? After I had eaten the contents of half of my avocado, I carefully spooned in some coffee from my mug, and of course, despite fear of being judged, took a pic for the snap. It looked pretty cute. I’m no barista so I couldn’t add fun designs or anything, but the coffee inside the avocado shell was still a pretty satisfying image.

The Taste Test

coffee, espresso, milk, cappuccino
Kelsey Emery

Then it came time for the taste test. I was a little nervous and wondered why the heck I was doing this, but there was no turning back. I lifted the fragile shell toward me and sipped. And it was… good. I actually enjoyed drinking my coffee this way.

Helaina Cozza

It wasn’t a latte and had no fancy designs (I just used some of the coffee I had made in the Keurig), but hey, same idea. I don’t know if it was some sort of placebo effect but I felt that it added a new taste component. Yes, most of the avocado itself had been scooped out, because actually mixing those together would have to be gross. BUT, something about this changed the coffee, I swear. Maybe some of the salt I had put on my avocado had gotten into the shell, or maybe the shell itself had added some sort of flavor. Whatever it was, it was fun. I actually added salt into my coffee mug afterwards to see if that had been it, but I couldn’t tell for certain.

The one thing I will say is that I have no idea how people transport this or how it works practically. I had mine over a bowl since that’s what I had eaten my avocado in, and it had definitely caught some coffee that spilled out as I drank it.

Try It Yourself!

So there you have it. Out of boredom and a desire to try something weird that trended earlier this year, I tried my own take on the avocado coffee. If you feel the urge to try it for yourself, I certainly won’t discourage you.