We all know about the avocado trend that has been hitting social media by storm in 2017 (seriously, try Googling it. There are too many recipes to count). And then there is the latte art trend that thousands of coffee shops impress with their art every day. So the combination? An avocado latte. 

But who would have thought that people would be drinking their morning caffeine fix in an avocado? A small cafe in Australia came up with this avocado latte, and shortened the name to "avolatte" to perfectly fit the trend.  

How did the fancy latte start?

The Truman Cafe in Australia created this drink to blend two of the most popular food crazes in Melbourne: coffee and avocados. This concoction started as a joke. It was more of a fun item on the menu, but no one thought the trend would be replicated at many other café's around the world. 

How is the Avolatte made?

It's pretty simple to put together. Carve out an avocado (put it on some yummy toast) and then pour the latte right inside the shell! The latte design can be as fancy or artsy as you want it to be.

The avocado trend became a huge part of social media when a health-kick took over the internet. Avocados have more benefits than you would think. From many vitamins to the good fat, the bright green veggie does a lot to keep your body happy. In this drink, you get your caffeine from the latte and your morning vitamins from the 'cado, too. 

Do people love the Avolatte??

The reactions from customers have been mixed. Some are obsessed and can't get enough, drinking up everything about this new funky trend. But others are not so happy about it, criticizing both the idea and the drink on all forms of social media. Even one barista at Truman Cafe says, "It's literally coffee in a piece of rubbish," (yikes). 

No matter the customer's reaction, this food combo is creating a lot of buzz. Whether or not it tastes good? The jury is still out on that one. I am not sure what the next crazy food trend will be, but hopefully it will be just as strange as this "avolatte."