What started out as a joke between baristas has now turned into an internet trend. An avolatte, which is basically a latte in an avocado's hollowed out shell, came about when a barista in Melbourne, Australia decided to combine the two well-loved foods together for a good laugh. 

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Jessica Mickelson

While the duo may seem a little weird, here are three reasons why this may actually be a good combination.

1. It's Environmentally Savvy

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Jessica Kelly

Don't smirk just yet  — it's true! For one, eight million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. Which means that every time you get a Starbucks coffee in those iconic plastic cups, the ocean suffers.

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Alex Waxenbaum

On the other hand, if you were to make your own avolatte or buy one from a coffee shop, the "container" would be the exterior of an avocado. This can easily be composted or, if it were to land in the ocean, it would break down over time and cause less of a detrimental impact.

2. It Might Actually Taste Pretty Good

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Lily Lou

Before you laugh, think about it practically for a second. It's not like there are gigantic chunks of avocado floating in your latte. We're talking about a carved-out avocado with just small remnants of the avocado meat in its shell. Chemically speaking, the fatty acids in the avocado could melt in nicely with a piping hot latte so that the flavors work seamlessly together. 

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Ruby Siegel

3. It's Relatively Healthy

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Grace Bodkin

This definitely wouldn't have the same effects as eating a plain avocado, but it is decently healthy. If you think about it, you get your healthy fats from the avocado layer. Then you have the latte, which, depending on how you make it, is just steamed milk mixed with coffee and sugar. 

While I'm not exactly running to try this combo, if someone offered it to me, I'd definitely be open to trying it! Keep in mind, this concoction is most prevalent in Australia, so it may not be a  staple around you yet. Although, if its internet popularity continues at this rate, it may be a new regular at your fave coffee shops!