Today is 7-Eleven Day, aka free Slurpee day (because 7/11, get it?) and you can get a free 12 oz Slurpee at any 7-Eleven location. What could make this freebie any better, you ask? Add some booze and get to slurpin'. I generated seven spiked Slurpee flavor combos that I thought would go well together and ranked them so you wouldn't have to risk trying a bad one. You're welcome. 

1. Coke and Whiskey

7-Eleven wouldn't be 7-Eleven without the Coke Slurpee, and it just so happens one of my go-to drinks during a night out is Jack and Coke, so mixing these two seemed like a no-brainer.

Mix: Add 2 oz of your preferred whiskey 

Rating: 10/10 Turning this traditional favorite into a frozen treat is a game changer, so it gets a gold star from me.

2. Watermelon Lime and Jalapeño Tequila  

The Watermelon Lime Slurpee is to die for in the first place, but add some Jalapeño Tequila and you'll never want a plain Slurpee again. Jalapeño Tequila is an acquired taste, so if it's not for you, just use regular tequila. 

Mix: Add 2 oz of preferred tequila 

Rating: 10/10 I love watermelon margaritas and the kick from the Jalapeño tequila was so unique.

#SpoonTip: Salt the rim if you're feeling adventurous. After all, we want to make this poor man's margarita as blissful as possible.

3. Piña Colada and Coconut Rum

Don't feel like spending $10 on a fancy piña colada? Me either, that's why I put my college student budget to the test and created this drool-worthy drink. 

Mix: Add 2 oz of Malibu Coconut Rum

Rating: 8/10 This sweet combo was just that — sweet. It was almost too sweet, but still delicious.

#SpoonTip: Adding a splash of Wild Cherry Slurpee on top will act as your "garnish" to the drink. 

4. Wild Cherry and Amaretto 

I thought this combo would mimic an amaretto sour. I was hoping I'd taste that sweet and sour vibe of the cherry mixed with this sweet, almond-flavored liqeur. 

Mix: Add 2 oz of amaretto 

Rating: 6/10 Unfortunately, the cherry flavor overpowered the amaretto. If I were to try this combo again, I would add a hefty squeeze of lime, lemon or a dash of sour mix to add more of that sour kick.

#SpoonTip: If the Sprite Slurpee flavor is available at your local 7-Eleven, do half Wild Cherry half Sprite to slip that lemon-lime flavor in there.

5. Blue Raspberry and Lemon Vodka 

If you're into lip puckering combos and consider yourself a spiked lemonade lover, check this one out. 

Mix: Add 2 oz of lemon vodka 

Rating: 6/10 In my opinion, is was a bit too sour and needed a sweeter element to mellow it all out.

6. Fruit Punch and Everclear (or Vodka)

We're about two months into summer, and for those who came home from college and are missing your Friday night frat parties and beloved trash can punch, this Slurpee has your back. 

Mix: Add 1.5 oz of Everclear aka the devil's juice. Don't feel bad if you prefer using vodka. 

Rating: 5/10 Delicious, but dangerous — I couldn't even taste the Everclear, but the other combos had a little more flavor.

7. Pepsi Fire and Fireball

The Pepsi Fire Slurpee is Pepsi with a cinnamon twist. I really couldn't muster up the courage to try this combo because too much Fireball during freshman year of college really can scar someone for life.

Mix: Add 2 oz of Fireball 

Rating: Waiting to hear from the brave ones that will try this.

Booze and frozen treats scream summer, so make some room in your schedule today so you can try out one of these spiked Slurpees. After you try one, I'm betting you'll be visiting your local 7-Eleven on a regular basis.