Just in time for Valentine's day - get your significant other a box of Fireball!  Fireball has just recently come out with a boxed version of its syrupy whiskey called the Firebox, and we can't wait to try it. It holds about 80 shots, so call up your friends because its about to be one hell of a night.


Firebox has so many different uses to it. Use it to pour shots really quickly, make mixies, or if you're up to it, slap the bag (with caution, or at least with a friend).

Bargain in a Box

Seems crazy, I know, but boxed Fireball is actually a bargain. One liter of fireball is a whopping $20$-$30, while a box of Fireball contains more than double the liquor and is only about $60 (depending on your location). Compared to Franzia, which is only about $15, this may seem like a fortune, but hey - it's Fireball.

Fire Features

Unlike Franzia, the Firebox has two plugs that come out of the bag. So now you and your friend can slap the bag at the same time. These bad boys are also being sold nationwide, so you're in luck! 

So get out there and try out the Firebox, but note that one slap of this and there's a chance you might be kicked on your butt! And don't forget: "tastes like heaven, burns like hell."

Disclaimer: SpoonUniversity does not encourage binge drinking, drink responsibly!