Valentine’s Day is the most loving, heart-filled, happy, overloaded day of the year… or so we’ve been told. Hear me out for a second—I promise I’m not just a bitter single (kind of). I just think there is something seriously wrong with how we are expected to eat on the “Big Day."

Should an extravagant meal with your loved one really be confined to one day? Should you really have to spend a ridiculous amount on dinner to impress your date and prove how lovable you are? Are you really doomed to cry and eat straight out of the Ben & Jerry’s tub while watching The Notebook if you don’t have a date?

The answer to all of the above is a big, fat no. I know—what a revelation, right? This Valentine’s Day I challenge you to go against the holiday’s ridiculous eating norms. In fact, it is possible to have a non-stressful, non-wallet-draining, non-depressing February 14th. Here's how you do it.

The Surprise Factor

Valentine’s Day is supposedly all about grand, romantic gestures. Personally, I’d be much more impressed if my hypothetical boyfriend told me on say, August 7th, that we were spending the day going on a Valentine’s Day worthy date just because. Isn’t that more gratifying than being one of the millions of other couples on V-Day going to that fancy restaurant you'd normally never go to simply because it's expected?

While it probably isn’t the best idea to pretend the day doesn’t exist, I think adding more day-to-day surprises into your relationship is one of the most romantic things you can do to keep the interest and spark alive. Decide one morning that you are going to take your boyfriend to that new food truck he's been dying to try. Wake your girlfriend up and drive to the beach for an intimate picnic.

You can still celebrate Valentine’s, but don’t just wait for the one day a year when you are expected to be a good significant other. 


It doesn’t have to take a whole lot of moo-la to make your partner ooh-la-la. Spending less money does not mean you love your partner any less. It’s all about the thought and effort you put into the date.

One substitute is cooking at home. Find a recipe for dinner and ask your love interest to cook with you: It’s fun, playful, and you can avoid waiting hours for a table at the typical V-Day hot spot in town. That’s in addition to saving some cash. An experience is always more memorable, which is exactly what cooking with your bf/gf will provide.

No Date, No Problem

Who says Valentine’s Day is reserved for couples? Let’s throw out the single-girl stigma and celebrate our love for our friends instead. After all, friends are more likely to be by your side forever than your current significant other is (the truth hurts sometimes).

Plan a girls’ brunch with all your besties. Make homemade ice cream with your gal pals complete with a toppings bar. And plot twist: DON’T eat it while watching depressing romance movies. Try a girl-power comedy instead. Dress up, go out to that fancy restaurant, and own the night with your favorite people by your side.

It’s time to not feel left out on this holiday revolved around love simply because you don't have that special someone. Instead, embrace those around you who love you everyday (and enjoy some quality food with them).