If there is one thing that can unite people from different backgrounds, it’s food. I’ve had countless conversations raving about it that seem to last for hours. It’s a topic that never dries out. Throughout these interactions, I’ve noticed commonalities that us self-professed foodies share. Here's how to tell if you're a foodie:

1. The Hanger is Real

The idea that people can forget to eat baffles you: you know when you haven’t eaten and everyone else will too. You’ll be a grouchy, drained version of yourself until you experience the glorious healing power of food.

2. You Immediately Connect with People that Share Your Love of Food

There’s nothing better than finding a fellow foodie that loves food as much as you do. You can both talk about food for hours and never get sick of it, as well as hit up all the cool food places together.

3. Your Travel Plans Revolve Around Food

Most people’s travel lists consist of attractions and activities, but yours includes numerous restaurants that you’re dying to try. Your getaway is incomplete without a visit to that critically acclaimed trendy restaurant you’ve heard so much about.

4. You Constantly Think About Your Next Meal 

While most people briefly plan out what they’ll eat next, you think about it far in advance. As soon as you finish one meal, you’re off planning your next. The anticipation excites you and makes you wish time passes by faster.

5. You Watch for the Next Big Food Trend

Sushi burrito? Check. Avocado toast? Double check. You know what foods everyone is raving about and you’ve made it your mission to try all of them. You also seek out foods that are on the rise, making you a self proclaimed “culinary hipster.”

6. Your Social Media is Filled With Food

Along with friend’s status updates and memes, your social media feed contains a large amount of food, whether it be some cool new food spot in New York or recipe videos. You might be contributing to this too with your numerous pictures. Either way, checking social media often leaves you hungry.

7. You Like Trying Weird Food Combos

You’ll be the first in line to try Hot Cheetos ice cream (which by the way is delicious) or whatever odd mixtures restaurants come up with these days. After all, new flavor combinations are exciting and innovative.

8. You Can Recommend Cool Restaurants in Town

You know what restaurants are popular in your area and you either have or will have tried all of them. When people ask you what restaurants you recommend, you can list off what’s good and what to avoid.

9. You Have a Food Bucket List

With the variety of foods in this world, there are some that are harder to find. However you haven’t given up yet! Instead, you’ve compiled these foods into a bucket list that you will hopefully fulfill one day. 

10. You Get Excited Over the Thought of Free Food

There is nothing more exciting for you than free food. If an event advertises free food, you will definitely be there. Just the thought of getting free food can transform your day.

Along with an undying love of food, there are many things that foodies have in common. Although there are many other similarities, these are the basics on how to tell if your'e a foodie.