Have you ever met someone who somehow manages to bring food into every one of your conversations? Does it seem that they are more interested in relationships with food rather than that with real people?

Let me tell you a little something:  There are key factors that must be noted in approaching such a person for conversation.

Photo by Katherine Carroll

Homemade Food

The ultimate conversation starter. I mean, seriously, this topic can just diverge in so many possible directions: your favorite homemade meal; their favorite homemade meals; box-cakes vs. fully homemade; your distrust of anything that isn’t made by your mom. Trust me: Start here.

The Food Network

Have a signature go-to program on the Food Network that you can reference religiously? Talk about it. If you don’t then why not find one. Have a thing for barbecue? Bobby Flay is your man. Can’t live without the thrill of competition? Check out Chopped. Are you a fan of blogs? Try the Pioneer Woman’s show. Love anything and everything classic and family-oriented? Barefoot Contessa is the way to go (it’s my personal favorite–Ina Garten, you go girl). Watch a few episodes, and I promise you will have an arsenal of good conversation starters. And who says a good debate won’t ensue over the best foodie tv-show there is.

Photo by Katherine Carroll

Signature Dish

You know that one dish that you made that one time that was absolutely perfect. Mention it. It could be banana bread, ice cream, granola, yes even peanut butter. Then feel free to creatively embark on your sub sequential journey in the food world as a result of said recipe.

Photo by Katherine Carroll

Food Metaphors

Now is the time to “pull a Shrek” because we foodies are “like onions…[we] have layers.” Try to find the witty side of your favorite foodie by using metaphors and similes to make them smile. Also, bonus points for remembering your literature terms.

Photo by Katherine Carroll

Your Next Meal

Without fail, talking about your upcoming consumption of food is a good idea. It not only engages your (hopefully) impeccable taste in dining halls or restaurants, but it also engages your converser to mention his or her next food selection.  And who knows? Maybe you will impress this person so much that he will join you on your next quest for food.

Warning: Proceed with caution.


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