Blueberries are my favorite fruit and one of my favorite snacks to have. However, I have always had trouble in figuring out how to store blueberries, because within a few days they always seem to go bad and moldy, causing me to throw them out. It seems that I could never figure out how to store them. I finally did the research and learned how to store blueberries successfully.

Check 'Em

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Dea Uy

According to Epicurious, the first step in prepping your blueberries is to check for existing mold already. If there are any that are growing mold, toss them so they do not affect the other blueberries in the container.

Rinse 'Em?

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The trick here is to only rinse your berries if you are going to eat them in that moment. Rinsing them without eating them soon can actually encourage mold growth. You can rinse them prior to but be sure to follow the next steps to be sure you decrease the chances of mold growing.

Dry 'Em

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If you rinse them to prep them for the future, dry your blueberries on paper towel on a flat surface, like a plate or cookie sheet. Roll them around so you can dry all the water off of them.

Store 'Em

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After drying, pop the dry blueberries in a breathable container, you can use the basket they came in. The trick here is to be sure that the basket is dry and lined with paper towels as well to absorb any moisture. Place the basket in the fridge, but do NOT put it in the crisper.

Freeze 'Em

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If all else fails, and the berries lives are coming to an end, you can freeze them to save for way later. You can use these blueberries in pancakes, waffles, breads, an smoothies!

Follow these steps when you are wanting to know how to store blueberries so they do not get moldy or overripe. The trick in all of these steps is to decrease moisture and keep the berries in as much air as possible. When following these you will have fresh berries for days to put in summery fruit salad.