You wake up and go to the kitchen to make yourself breakfast before heading off to school. Toast with cream cheese, the crust cut off, just the way you like it. The crust is thrown into the garbage. You grab an orange and peel it beforehand so you can have it as a snack later in the day. Peels into the garbage. Finally, you make an Orange Pekoe tea to keep yourself awake because you were up all night working on an assignment. Tea bag, garbage. 

We don't think twice about what gets thrown into the garbage. When we're done with it, it becomes waste. However, is it possible to give this "waste" a second use? Here are 7 ways food waste can be transformed to save time, money, and the environment.

Giving Food Waste a Second Use

1. Bread Crusts and Ends

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Aakanksha Joshi

Okay, so the crusts and ends are a little dry. You could just eat it, or even throw it away, but why would you when you can transform it? You could make your own bread crumbs by baking the crusts and ends in the oven at 350 F for 30 minutes. Take them out of the oven and blend them in a processor. If you don't have a processor, you could make do with a sealed bag and pounding it into bits. If bread crumbs aren't your thing, Mum's Grape Vine can give you a few other ideas to use those crusts. 

2. Tea Bags

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This one is for all you avid tea drinkers who drink more tea than water. There are so many more uses that tea bags can serve after you've finished making your drink with it. If those all-nighters have left you with puffy eyes and dark eye circles, tea bags can help improve the look of them. Health line explains how caffeine and tannins in the tea are responsible for these properties, and further describes how to use this tea remedy. If your eyes aren't in need of rejuvenating, head on over to Readers Digest for more ways to use your leftover tea bags.    

3. Orange Peels

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Amelia Hitchens

This classic citrus fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals that can improve heart health, and even lower blood pressure according to Medical News Today. But the orange peel shouldn't be left in the shadow because it has so many other applications than protecting the orange. From candied orange peels, to sponges, and body scrubs, the orange peel can do it all. Kidspot has 24 different ways to use orange peels, so don't toss, or it's a loss. 

4. Broccoli Stalks

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Jenny Georgieva

You either hate it or love it, but you still eat it because it's good for you. That's talking about the bushy floret part, but the stalk is a whole other story. It's tough and woody, which is why that whole part gets thrown out. The problem is that we just don't know how to prepare it properly. According to food.ndtv, the broccoli stalks contain more calcium, iron, and vitamin C compared to the florets. Ways that they suggest to include the stalks into our meals can be found here. Also if you're feeling a little "snacky", if there is such thing as kale chips, there can be such thing as broccoli chips.

5. Eggshells

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Jocelyn Hsu

You're probably thinking, "What could you possibly use eggshells for?" Usually when people say they found an eggshell in their food, it's not a good thing. But indeed there are ways that eggshells can be incorporated into our daily lives. According to Dr. Axe, the shells are high in calcium, can strengthen bones, and even protect tooth enamel. Some ways that they can be used are as face masks, or even put into coffee. Head on over to his website for more details about their uses, and be careful in making sure those egg shells are clean. 

6. Watermelon Rind

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Rachael Piorko

On a hot summer day, nothing tastes better than some refreshing watermelon. You eat until you see white and then you toss out the rind. But according to step to health, by putting it on our skin or eating it, the rind can prevent wrinkles, be used as a facial cleanser, or even help us fall asleep. Need some recipes to include it in your diet? kitchn has got your back. (if all else fails, just sneak it into your smoothie).

7. Coffee Grounds

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Jocelyn Hsu

Last but not least: coffee. Let's face it, some of us wouldn't even get out of bed without a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning. If you drink coffee every single day, that most likely means you're also throwing out the coffee grounds, every. single. day. Coffee grounds might be the most useful and versatile item on this list because there are just so many things you can do with it. From tenderizing meat, to being used as a fertilizer, or reducing the look of cellulite, Healthline can help break down all the uses of coffee grounds.

Food Waste is Not Waste

In the end, all this "food waste" is not even waste. Sometimes we may get lazy and it would be much easier to throw it out. That is okay too, but if that's the case, from now on instead of throwing these items in the garbage, put them in the compost bin. If your community doesn't have a composting system put in place, you can even make your own, and it's as simple as putting everything in one big pile. Better homes and garden can better explain composting for you.

All these new ways of reusing foods and composting will surely save you time, money, and the environment. And remember that these are all just ideas that will get you thinking about if things are ready to be thrown out yet, so be creative. If there's a will, there's a way.