Like many people my age, I have tattoos. I've invested a lot of money into them, so I want to make sure they look good forever. Tattoo care in the long term is essential to making sure your tattoo looks as good as it can possibly be. I've done a lot of research on this topic, and I've gathered a lot of information and now I'm relaying that information to you. Here are five different ways to care about your tattoo for the long term. 

1. Moisturize often!

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Alexis Neely

Like I said, tattoo care in the long term is essential to preservation, and an important factor in keeping it A1 is moisturizer. Choose unscented moisturizers that do not have harsh chemicals or alcohol in them. I recommend Cetaphil or Lubriderm. 

2. Wear sunscreen.

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Amanda Saleh

The sun is unavoidable. But while you're outside (and especially if the tattoo is colored) protect it. Do this by either covering it or applying SPF to it. Any sunscreen should do, but there's special sunscreen that prevents tattoo fade. Try Kiss My Face Tattoo Shade Sunscreen. It's sold online at popular retailers like Amazon

3. Stay hydrated.

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Jocelyn Hsu

To keep your tattoo beautiful in the long term, apply sunscreen on and near the tattoo whenever you head outside. Drink plenty of water, and consume foods like watermelon and cucumbers, which are mostly water. 

4. Try to keep sweat off of the tattoo.

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Kelsey Coughlin

Okay, obviously everyone sweats and it's completely natural and healthy. I'm not saying you shouldn't sweat- because you should! I would simply suggest that after you workout or you're outside in warm weather, wipe the sweat off the tattoo with a towel. When possible, change out of those sweaty clothes altogether. Additionally, if you expose your skin to harsh chemicals, wash them off immediately. The longer the product stays on the skin, the more damage. 

5. Eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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Madison Mounty

Weight gain and weight loss stretch out the tattoo. If you do plan to lose weight or gain weight, do it slowly. When I got my tattoos, I made sure that they were in places that didn't have a lot of fat. I avoided places like my stomach and upper thighs, and opted for my arms and back. But every body is different and unique, so these places may be different for you. 

Hopefully in ten or twenty years, when you're looking at your tattoo, it will look just as good as the day you got it done (minus all that new tattoo redness).