We all drink water as a way to stay hydrated in the summer. The last thing we need is to be dehydrated. But not everyone loves or appreciates water compared to others. So are there any alternatives? There are plenty of different foods that contain excessive amounts of water, that can help one stay hydrated. So here are 11 foods to keep you hydrated this summer.

1. Watermelon

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Kathleen Lee

Watermelon believe it or not contains nearly ninety-two percent of water. Its salt, calcium, and magnesium is what will keep you hydrated. It is also a good source of vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin A.

2. Yogurt

Micaela Petrucci

The healthy snack with lots of calcium and probiotics contains up to eighty-eight percent of water. The potassium and sodium in the product prevents one from becoming dehydrated. It is an excellent way to keep you hydrated throughout the hot summer day.

3. Cucumbers

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Haliana Burhans

Nearly containing one hundred percent of water, cucumbers is the most water contained vegetable. It includes great nutrients from vitamin K to iron.

4. Lettuce

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Dea Uy

Lettuce contains just as much water as cucumbers. Lettuce is a good food to add to a sandwich or to use in a salad, to make sure one is getting enough water throughout a hot, summer day.

5. Celery

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Emily Doyle

Celery sticks contain ninety-five percent of water, with there being high amounts of fiber, potassium, and vitamin K. Not only does it contain excessive amounts of water, but it is a low calorie snack.

6. Strawberries

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Emma Delaney

So many berries are important for hydration, but strawberries are exceptional. Even if you don't like straight up strawberries, try adding it to a smoothie or mix with some yogurt, both excellent sources of water.

7. Oranges

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Hannah Leverson

They are one of the best to keep you hydrated, while they are also juicy, sweet, and contain a whole lot of vitamin C. It is worth the peeling for sure.

8. Pineapple

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Rose Gerber

Probably the juiciest fruit we have ever tasted. It is packed with bromelain, which can help you avoid pain medication in the near future.

9. Tomatoes 

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Lucy Gilak

Whether you are seeking for grape tomatoes or big, regular tomatoes, both will guarantee to keep you hydrated. They are great to add to salads and sandwiches, maybe even combine it with some fresh mozzarella.

10. Smoothies 

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Caroline Morano

The all the water fruits contain, you can blend them together to make a smoothie, which will keep you just as hydrated. Sometimes, people love getting smoothies after working out because it adds some sugar into their system.

11. Cantaloupe 

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Nicole Witte

It contains ninety percent of water, but still gives you every nutrient that you need, such as vitamin A. It also has a ton of flavor, making it so irresistible.