Listen up folks! There's a strategic way to pop popcorn and we're here to walk you through it. Most people use the popcorn button on their microwave wrong and end up with burnt popcorn or extra un-popped kernels. Not cool!

One time, I burnt popcorn while at work and it took forever to get rid of the smell. My co-workers teased me for about a week (all laughs, no bullying.) It was still a little embarrassing despite the jokes. 

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Kirby Barth

Don't worry, my story won't become your current situation. First, there's a few things we need to school you on, so you don't make the same mistake.

Step 1: Read The Instructions

Every popcorn company has different settings for how long the popcorn should be popped for. It even shows the recommended temperature. So, be sure to read it for clarity.

Warning: This is not the time to be a rebel. Stop being stubborn and read the instructions. The company cares about the customers' satisfaction and safety. Having burnt popcorn is far from ideal because it's smelly and hard to get rid of.

Step 2: Choose The Appropriate Setting

Be sure to know what kind microwave you have because a 700-watt cooks slower than a 1,000-watt.

Just a FYI, the popcorn button setting on your microwave should be used with caution (or not at all.) The button is programmed to a certain time that may or may not be complimentary with the weight of your popcorn. Yes, weight does matter.

Many microwaves also lack a humidity sensor; meaning that the microwave won't be able to tell when your popcorn is burning. So, it's wise to just follow the instructions on the bag; which saying to not use the popcorn button.

(If you're still insisting on using the popcorn button, proceed with caution and keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn.)

Step 3: Look Out

Please don't neglect your popcorn. It's very important to remain nearby just in case you put it in the microwave for too long. But if you followed the previous steps; you won't have to worry about this.

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Kirby Barth

Suggestion: I have a 700-watt microwave, so I'll pop it for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Most times when I've done that, the popcorn was buttery, fluffy and had no kennels left un-popped.

Step 4: Enjoy

You did it! Congratulations, you've managed to pop your own popcorn without burning it. Now, movie theaters have nothing on you.

I understand that you're feelin' yourself right now; but I would suggest you make a note of every step you did. That way you can be this successful each and every time you pop popcorn.