Whether for a movie night or just a quick snack, we all know the typical way to prepare popcorn: throw it in the microwave for two minutes and voila. Here are some ways you can amp up your popcorn, and really bring it to the next level.

1. Extra butter

popcorn hacks

Photo courtesy of backtoherroots.com

Butter is the classic go to, so why ruin a good thing?

2. Extra salt

popcorn hacks

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Popcorn is always better tasting with an extra pinch, or two, or ten of salt.

3. Kettle corn

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Kettle corn doesn’t always need to be store bought. Make it at home with just a couple ingredients: vegetable oil, sugar and unpopped popcorn kernels.

4. Cheese

popcorn hacks

Photo courtesy of dinnerthendessert.com

The new thing that people have been talking about is crushing up a bag of Cheetos or Cheese Doodles and sprinkling it on top of popcorn. Why not add some of your favorite cheese to jazz up your popcorn?

5. Chocolate

Photo by Kirby Barth

Chocolate + Popcorn = two of the best treats combined into one snack. Try Lauren Feld’s recipe!

6. Spicy Buffalo

Photo by Erica Coulter

This one is on my “to-try” list. If you like spicy food as much as I do, try adding some buffalo sauce to spice up your popcorn. Make sure you have lots of napkins handy. Spice things up with Siracha using Erica Coulter’s 5 minute recipe.

7. Tequila

popcorn hacks

Photo courtesy of simplyreem.com

I bet there is a very slim chance you ever thought of adding tequila to your popcorn. Check out this easy recipe for a slightly sweet, slightly spicy, and completely unique way to make any movie night that much more fun.

8. Peanut butter

popcorn hacks

Photo courtesy of Hungry Gems

Sweet and salty, this creamy snack is the ultimate indulgence for any move night. Crispy popcorn kernels cling to peanut butter that irresistibly combines two of the world’s favorite foods.

9. Caramel

Photo by Meredith Marcus

Although this one may be a bit more complicated to make, it’s totally worth it for any caramel lover. You can even add some nuts too if you want it to be more similar to Cracker Jack. Check out Lauren Eiden’s microwaveable recipe here.

10. Marshmallow

popcorn hacks

Photo courtesy of onsendfood.com

Just like a Rice Krispies Treat, the addition of marshmallows make this the perfect ooey, gooey spin on the movie theater snack.

11. Trail Mix

Photo by Lexa Rowland

Add some M&M’s, pretzels, nuts and raisins to make your own popcorn trail mix.

Next time you feel like having popcorn but want to try something different, try one of these eleven ways to spice up your popcorn.