If there's any Sunday night where it can be guaranteed that at least one TV in almost every household across America is on, it's Super Bowl Sunday. It's no joke that in terms of sports, football is just about as American as it gets. And the "championship" game is the biggest game all year.  But just a game of football isn't enough for everybody. That's why I've decided to show you how to plan the best Super Bowl party—complete with food, friends, football, and fun.

1. Pick Your Watching-Buddies Wisely

While I'm sure you have a lot of friends, it's important that deciding which of them to invite over to watch the Super Bowl is a big decision and is carefully considered. You don't want to invite the friend who doesn't care to watch the game at all OR the friend who hates your team and won't let you root for the team you're emotionally attached to. Be careful, or else your Super Bowl party will turn into a party about anything but the Super Bowl.

2. Pick Your Outerwear

On any game day, but especially Super Bowl Sunday, the best way to get in the spirit of the game is to get DECKED OUT. I mean that you should be going all out, decked in your team's apparel from head to toe (even if they aren't in the Superbowl). If you, the host, get decked out for your Superbowl party, your guests will too. 

(*side note: If you don't know which team to get decked out for, I ALWAYS recommend the Patriots... but no bias here.*)

3. Pick Your Snacks

The most important part of any party, but especially a Superbowl party is the food, of course. When making your Superbowl menu, you have to consider these four things.

Which teams are in the Super Bowl?

Maybe you don't care, but as an enthusiastic Patriots fan, I like to add a New England theme to at least one of the dishes on my menu. If you're a Patriots fan, too, I recommend clam chowder, lobster rolls, blueberry muffins, and some apple cider to wash it all down.

If you're an Eagles fan—and I'm so sorry if you are—you can't watch the game without a Philly Cheesesteak in your hand.

Who's coming to your party?

Like any good party host, you should always be aware of your guests' dietary restrictions and allergies. You don't only have to serve foods that every single person in attendance can eat, but just make sure that there is at least something for everyone.

Where do you plan on eating?

If you plan to sit at the dining room table with a three-course dinner, so be it. But if you, like me, enjoy sitting on a tablecloth on the carpet in front of the TV, you should take that into consideration when planning your menu. Sitting on the floor is not an ideal situation to have to use silverware in.

Make it easy.

If you want foods that are easy to eat while you watch the game and will satisfy almost everyone, you can't go wrong with...nachos, mini hot dogs, pizza, sliders, & mozzarella sticks. #fingerfoodsarethebestfoods

If you pick the perfect friends to watch with and the perfect foods to snack on, you'll be winning the Vince Lombardi trophy of Superbowl parties.