New Englanders want nothing more than to see the Patriots crush it out on the field. So let's all rally and get really superstitious about what's around us when we're watching the game. Here are some tailgating and football watching snacks that are the players favs and New England classics. 

Onion Rings

Onion rings are a must have and that's because they are Tom Brady's all time favorite food. The Patriots need Brady just as much as you need this snack at your viewing party. What is better than some fried food and football?

Cookies and Cream

Brady's partner in crime, Rob Gronkowski (aka Gronk), can't resist cookies and cream anything. So, make yourself a milkshake to sip on during the game or go crazy and try this handpies recipe


Edelman prefers his food to match his personality: hot and spicy. He puts Sriracha on just about everything. Try this homemade Sriracha recipe or buy a few bottles and get creative. Grill Sriracha wings and burgers with the boys or try one of these six spicy Sriracha snack recipes. Everything is better with some kick!

Lobster Dip

lobster, crab, seafood, shrimp
Kate Conway

Lobster is a New England classic. Turning these yummy red creatures into a tasty dip is perfect for game watching. You can dip celery, carrots, or chips into the dip or just dive right in with a fork. 

Narragansett Beer

This lager is perfect to sip on (or shotgun, if you prefer) during the game. The Narragansett company originated in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and has become a nationally loved beer. Cheers to New England.

Now put your favorite Pats player's jersey on, round up your buddies and hit the couch with some Patriots themed snacks. Let's go Pats!