Sports fanatics, the girliest of girls, and the most unathletic boys put their differences aside on one day each year: SuperBowl Sunday. It’s a day to embrace gluttony, throw back some beers, and yell at the TV screen with wing sauce all over your face without being judged. In order to throw the most epic SuperBowl viewing party, here’s a list of must-haves when making your unique grocery list, that are ideal for the college student on a budget:


Beer is the statement drink of Americans, and thus, the SuperBowl. Every commercial aired throughout the game is an advertisement for some sort of alcoholic drink. For the college student on a budget, some of the less expensive beers include Natural Light, Hamms, and Bud Light.

It is often assumed that guests will bring something along with them. To make things fun, request that each person brings a 6-pack. (World of Beer has some unique drinks!)  This way, you will have an array of drinks that everyone can enjoy, while avoiding a hefty bill.

But, don’t forget that not everyone is a heavy drinker. It’s important to provide other drink options. Sodas are the standard go-to, as well as ice teas and lemonades!



Photo by Rachel Ferreira

The table in front of the big screen should be filled with bowls of different chip options. Baked Lays, Doritos, Fritos, Chex Mix, the list goes on. To save some money and create an amazing snack, buy a bag of tortilla chips, but make your own guac! If you have barely touched your Blue Bucks, these types of snacks are available at  on campus spots like Victor’s.

Finger Foods


Photo by Rachel Ferreira

Since everyone’s eyes will be glued to the game, it’s smart to provide food options that are easy to snack on while they watch. Wings are a classic that can be either store-bought or purchased from your local Buffalo Wild Wings. Mini hot dogs or french fries are another simple snack to put out on the table. If you feel like getting your hands dirty, serve homemade nachos, but keep it simple—chips, cheese and salsa are all you need.

DIY Sandwiches/Subs
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No one wants grumbling stomachs to interrupt the Bruno Mars halftime performance. To provide guests an actual mean, providing subs is the way to go. A “make-your-own” sandwich bar is an alternative to splurging on a 12-foot sub or excessive Jimmy Johns. Provide the essentials: slices of bread, an assortment of cold cuts, lettuce, tomato, etc.