But First, Looking the Part

There are quite a few things in this world that make you feel worse than turning up to a restaurant only to stick out like a bra in a sock drawer because you were wearing jeans and not some cocktail dress the restaurant's mood called for. 

To ensure that you never walk into a restaurant and are lead down the catwalk by the hostess while feeling less than perfect again, I've curated a guide on how to look your best by these five DC restaurants' standards. 

1. Haikan: Comfort in the food and your clothing

A follow-up restaurant of Daikaya, this hot new take on ramen noodles is a must go in 2017. This is not the chic restaurant that encourages your slacks and skirts. This is an up and coming restaurant that is all about comfort. Ramen and warmth hold the essence of comfort, and what you wear should be comfortable and functional too. This place is all about the jeans and big sweaters (for the cold months) and the casual shorts and shirt for the warmer months

Casual should not be confused with sloppy. No leggings and sweatshirts. This is the place for 'cool' casual. This is your chance to show what you're made of - can you make tennis shoes look hot or are you all for the chunky heels? You decide. 

2. Le Diplomate: Casual's dressy neighbor

Is there anything better than a burger and fries done well? In my opinion, yes, there is; look good eating it. At Le Diplomate, served is anything from this burger and fries, to ravioli, to trout almandine. Pick your meal... and your outfit... thoughtfully. You will be quite full; these are heavy meals.

You will not want to wear your tightest and most restrictive jeans in your closet. This is the dinner that you should wear your stretchy J Brand black jeans with a pair of chunky heels, a black fur vest, and a loose long sleeve. Notice the dress code is black. Black is the color of all city native's closets. Do not make the fatal mistake of wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans, please. 

Even if you are a little underdressed or overdressed, the black jeans and the fur vest with little chunky heels will save you. This outfit will put your right in the middle. But, the key is confidence. If you feel like you belong, you will look like you belong. That is a guarantee. Don't make the mistake of slouching in your seat... you'll get full faster and look less worthy of this outstanding meal. 

3. Fiola: Halfway to "business casual"

Save up on your carb count for this one. Also, you'll need to whip out the chic suit and tie and/or the dress you've been saving, that goes so perfectly with your Louboutins. Despite the infamous lie that the restaurant is "business casual", the men and women that know exactly what they're doing are wearing their best suit and ties and dressiest dresses with long, beautiful coats. 

Bring your confidence and your appetite. With the modern Italian flare on the appetizers and some of the best pastas in Washington, D.C., this restaurant is a place to eat a week's worth of calories. Let this restaurant also be a lesson to us all- check around before dressing in "business casual" to one of the hottest places to be in DC. 

4. Sushi Capitol: Upscale casual

Overwhelming sushi is nearly impossible to find. When reading reviews of other sushi restaurants in DC, it seems that many visitors complain of "underwhelming" sushi experiences. Sushi Capitol is a solid sushi joint that displays consistency and talent. 

Casual dress, again, means soft blue jeans with a chic blouse. Possibly some black jeans, a sweater and boots, or jeans with a simple top and your chicest tennis shoes. Much like the Asian culture, it is all about simplicity. Less is more. Do not complicate things with over the top fashion choices.

5. All Purpose Pizzeria: No rules

Pizzerias are the rocks that never change. You can come from work in your business casual, your Corepower, SoulCycle, or Equinox class' gym gear, or simply in your jeans and t-shirt and still fit in. Whilst the food is exquisite, your clothing choices do not have to be. Of course, it is highly recommended that you always dress the part for your confidence needs, but in this case, not so much. Come in what makes you feel you.

I recommend the Buona pizza, as it is a union of honey and spice that we did not know could possibly taste so nice. 

#SpoonTip: If you're looking to dress to impress, you might want to look a little on the cute side because there may or may not be some pleasant-looking waiters waiting to serve you some of the best pizza in DC. Enjoy - the food and the view!