It’s hard to find authentic Italian food when you’re living in Miami. When you’re craving a pizza from Naples or homemade bread, there aren’t too many restaurants that come to mind that really nail it. But luckily for us Miami natives, times have changed and fine Italian dining is right in our hood.

Look no further than La Moderna on Miami Beach. Cooking with ingredients imported straight from Italy, it’s no wonder La Moderna has been getting a lot of buzz lately. So next time you’re in the mood for some delicious homemade Italian dishes, stop in at La Moderna for an authentic experience.


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Courtney susskind

There's no better start to a meal than with hot, fresh out-of-the oven, homemade focaccia. Topped with just the right amount of rosemary and seasonings, this bread will have you believe you're sitting in a cafe in Italy. You may want to ask for a second plate because the first, I assure you, will quickly disappear.

Provolone Grigliato

Courtney susskind

Cheese lovers rejoice over this provolone grigliato (aka a fancy name for fried cheese). This crunchy, oozey, cheesy appetizer is the perfect start to an Italian meal. Paired with a house-made organic orange jam, there's really nothing better.

Fettuccine Porcini E Tartufo

Mmm truffles. You can smell this pasta dish the instant it comes out of the kitchen and you'll be drooling until it finally arrives at your table. The noodles are made in house and every ingredient complements one another. 

Margherita Pizza

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Courtney susskind

Now on to the main star of La Moderna, the pizza. The sauce and dough is imported from Naples, so you know this pizza is going to knock it out of the park every time. It rivals pizza I've eaten in Naples and dare I say it's the best pizza I've ever eaten? It alone is enough to have an incredible meal here.

Chocolate Lava Cake

chocolate, cream
Courtney susskind

This light and airy chocolate lava cake is the ultimate indulgent dessert. When your fork hits the cake, chocolate and ricotta cheese immediately come flowing out. The caramel ice cream adds the perfect amount of salty to this sweet ending to a meal.