Sometimes a big, family Thanksgiving meal isn't an option. Maybe you don't have enough for the bus/ plane ticket home, maybe familial dinners are complete chaos at your house or maybe you want a pre-Thanksgiving meal with your friends (Friendsgiving, anyone?). Either way, I know the perfect, budget-friendly place to go. 

Lexi Bryant



Lexi Bryant

Aaah, the main course. Everyone knows, a turkey is overrated. A dry turkey is no match for a cheeseburger, especially when a cheeseburger is only a dollar. Whether alone in a dorm or chatting with friends while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a cheeseburger is something we can all give thanks for. Bread, cheese, beef, pickles and onions, all in one dish without having to do any dishes--- a college student's blessing.

French Fries and Hashbrowns

Lexi Bryant

Instead of mashed potatoes, have fried potatoes. Go for the classic American treat and a southern flair with french fries and hash browns. The hash browns are a nod to the southern breakfast side dish some may have on Thanksgiving day while the fries are a McDonald's classic that will taste great on any day. C'mon, who goes to McDonald's and doesn't order fries?


Lexi Bryant

There is nothing better than a warm, flaky biscuit, a true southern delicacy. Although this menu item is on the breakfast menu, McDonald's has "All Day Breakfast." Therefore, it is always breakfast time. If a customer asks, the employees will even supply a customer with butter. Enjoy the scent of biscuits, Thanksgiving morning, noon and night.  

Apple Pie

Lexi Bryant

It is dessert time! One of McDonald's underrated treasures are its hot apple pies. Thanksgiving just doesn't seem complete with a bit of apple pie and ice cream (which one can order at McDonald's as well). The flaky crust complements the gooey apply insides and creates the perfect ending to an inexpensive, unusual and wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

After reading this article, I hope you can only utter three words... 

I'm Lovin' It!