Macarons have quickly become the dessert of choice among people on the go looking for a quick but incredible treat.  They are absolutely delicious and not too sweet, and they come in a vast variety of flavors ranging from raspberry and chocolate hazelnut to rose petal and lemon lavender. These little sandwiches are hard to come by, and now you can get them without going to the mall or digging through Yelp. 

Sami Herzog

[ma-ka-rohn] is a Miami-based company that will ship you macarons that you won't be able to get enough of while teaching you how to pronounce them. They offer flavors from classic essentials to crazy unthinkable new macarons. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also bring a serious party to your mouth.

What are Macarons?

Sami Herzog

Macarons are a traditional French dessert made of two small and round almond cookies with a filling that can range to custard, jelly, cream, or ganache. They are the most popular dessert in France, above crepes and creme brulee, and they're even less than 100 calories each! 

They're different from macaroons, which are usually made of meringue or coconut. Stores all over the world have started specializing in the art of making macarons or have at least started offering them in their stores due to their popularity.  

What Kind of Flavors Are There?

Sami Herzog

Some macaron vendors stick to classic recipes like salted caramel or raspberry, but [ma-ka-rohn] pushes the limits of their flavor profile and includes flavors like Nutella, birthday cake, cotton candy, and even butterbeer, inspired by the Harry Potter movies.

[ma-ka-rohn]'s cookies are vibrant, light, moist, and perfect for a small dessert. Their vanilla is quintessential to your selection and is wonderful. The chocolate covered strawberry mimics the real deal and melts in your mouth. Their more fun flavors, like butterbeer and cotton candy, whip us right back to our childhood with their fun colors and distinct sweetness. 

Perfect for Valentine's Day

Sami Herzog

The company is offering a super cute heart-shaped box of macarons with special flavors that are out of this world. These flavors include Nutella, rose, dark chocolate sea salt caramel, and Ferrero Rocher. These macarons bring a new way to celebrate Valentine's Day with the same flavors you love. 

Whether you're a macaron novice or this will be your first time having macarons, definitely get your hands on these delicious delicacies!