Galentines, are you looking for a perfect gift for the most romantic day of the year that doesn't resemble that cliché heart-shaped box of chocolates your ex-boyfriend bought you last year? Thought so. You came to the right place. Below you will find 8 gifts that any food-loving Valentine would be ecstatic to receive.

1. Ice Cream Candle

If it's pink, it undoubtably qualifies as a Valentine's Day gift. And this gift certainly is. SunnyLife Australia is one of my favorite companies for fun, modern gifts. Amongst their ice cream themed knick-knacks, the candle on the bottom left of their Instagram video is the best choice for this holiday. You can't go wrong with adding a bubblegum-pink ice cream cone to your desk or night table. It'll brighten up your room and certainly your day when you unwrap this Galentine's Day present! I'm craving soft serve just thinking about it. Click here to buy it!

2. Foodie Lingerie

You don't need a significant other to buy adorable underwear.  MeUndies just came out with their new Valentine's Day collection, featuring their yummiest print yet, "Taco Love." The print comes in women's thong, cheeky brief, bikini, and boyshort styles. Truly a sexy, food-loving girl's Valentine's Day dream come true. The image of the taco and the hot sauce cuddling is too cute to resist, so buy a matching set and get yourself a pair too! 

3. Decorative Cheese Knives

I know. To anyone who doesn't consider themselves a cheese fanatic, this sounds like a bizarre gift. But think about it: how nice would it be to have an eye-catching set of cheese knives at your next cocktail or dinner party? The answer is nice. Really nice. This set by Gift Boutique has pink confetti in the handles so, again, it is definitely spirited enough for V-Day. Surprise your brie-loving, gouda-obsessed best friend with this perfect gift. 

4. Prosecco Pong Game

Yes, I know what you're thinking, "THIS EXISTS?!!??" Indeed, it does, and the ball is pink, so it's Valentine's Day gift material. Honestly, you don't even have to love food and drinks to enjoy this gift. Any girl would be crazy not to love this. Open it, and set it up right away. Have the best Galentine's Day ever playing Prosecco Pong all night with your girls. Who said Valentine's Day had to be spent on a fancy dinner date? Not me, that's for sure. Buy your own game here.

5. Love Mug

I know this is borderline cliché, but you have to look at the assortment of designs on ShopBop. They have a huge selection of Valentine's Day mugs, both glass mugs and portable thermoses. I love a gift that's useful, and a mug or thermos certainly is for any coffee, tea, or hot cocoa drinker (and who doesn't drink hot cocoa?) If you're looking for a mug you will actually use and never get sick of, skip the "Kiss me, I'm Caffeinated" and "I love you a latte" puns. Go for this gold rimmed ceramic mug with a cute lipstick mark below the rim, or this sturdy pink thermos.

6. Dessert Cookbook

Rather than giving your girl a tasty treat, teach her how to make one! Linda Lomelino is a cake goddess. Check out her Instagram for proof; it's actually an aesthetically-pleasing, mouth-watering work of art. If I received a book that could teach me how to bake like Linda, I'd love whoever bought it for me forever. Find Linda's book here. If your food-loving Valentine is a little less artistically-inclined, maybe go for a simpler cookbook, like this book on microwaveable Mug Cakes: ready in just 5 minutes!

7. Martini Coaster Set

cocktail, martini, tequila, alcohol
Olivia Katz

The best gifts are the ones you never knew you needed, but definitely do. A decorative martini coaster set is one of those things. I think it's fair to say that there isn't much difference between a regular coaster set and a martini coaster set, however, this one is printed with cute sayings specifically themed around martinis. It's in ShopBop's Valentine's Day Gifts under $50, and if it's spirited enough for ShopBop, it's spirited enough for me.

8. Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

Make your Galentine's morning infinitely more enjoyable by adding an aesthetic touch to their breakfast with a heart-shaped waffle maker. The price on this one is definitely a draw; it's only $40 for a kitchen appliance you're sure to get very good use out of. Not to mention that there are tons of delicious things you can make with a waffle maker, other than waffles. Intrigued? Try these recipes with your new heart-shaped waffle maker!

Any one of these gifts will brighten someone's Valentine's and bring a smile to their face. Treat someone else (or yourself!) to something festive and functional this year. Happy Valentine's Day to all the foodie Galentines out there!!!