Ever wondered how to get a birthday cake delivered to your dorm? Well you're in luck. There are a few amazing bakeries that deliver birthday goodies straight to Boston College for your enjoyment. Call up your parents so they get your order in now or surprise your roomie on their big day and get ready to celebrate!

Milk Bar

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Grace Phillips

Momofuku's Milk Bar is baking up a plethora of birthday cakes ready to be shipped straight to your dorm room. They have flavors such as chocolate malt, strawberry lemon, and salted pretzel. However, their staple is the classic 6 inch birthday cake pictured here. It is a vanilla rainbow cake layered with rainbow cake crumbs and vanilla frosting. I can attest to the deliciousness of this home baked, dorm-delivered cake as my roommate ordered it for her birthday. 

We Take the Cake

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Clara Park

For a chocolatey alternative check out We Take the Cake's two layer chocolate cake complete with 'Happy Birthday' spelled out in vanilla frosting. This chocolate buttermilk cake is filled and frosted with chocolate cream cheese frosting and has a layer of chocolate ganache on top. And as a bonus it comes with candles. InStyle Magazine also voted it best Mail Order Cake...what more could you ask for?

Wicked Good Cupcakes

Emily Lyons

As an alternative to a big cake, try a local Massachusetts shop. Wicked Good Cupcakes specializes in a variety of cupcake flavors that are all packaged in a convenient glass jar. Hassle free and delicious. After their success on Shark Tank they have expanded their inventory even more with things like Birthday Boxes that come stocked with party favors and, of course, cupcakes. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. Can't wait for them to ship? You can always check out their satellite location in Faneuil Hall!

Say goodbye to dining hall desserts on your birthday. These three locations can hook you up with the tastiest and coolest way to get your birthday cake fix. This special touch will elevate your big day to the next level.