With Thanksgiving being this past week, the holiday season is just around the corner. And we know what that means; it's time to buy gifts for all of your loved ones. Unfortunately, being a college student, you may not have that much money at your exposure (that being if you have no job). So, if this applies to you, open a new tab and get ready to do some searching. 

1. Uncommongoods.com

This website is full of unusual and not too expensive gifts. Like any good website, uncommongoods allows you to sort by price, which is by far the best feature when money is a little tight. I have used this website multiple times and, each time, find cool gifts that fit my friends and family's personalities perfectly.

Since they are literally called "uncommon goods" expect to find super unique gifts perfect for all of your friends and family. In the past, I've bought coffee mugs, tea sets, and ice cube molds for family members.

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Jocelyn Hsu

2. Amazon.com

Amazon is by far one of the best resources for any college student. Firstly, Amazon has a program where college students can get prime (free two day shipping) for a discounted price. Secondly, Amazon has tons of products that you would never think to get on your own. *This week, look under their black Friday week deals to find the best gifts! Amazon always has great deals on kitchen equipment and holiday snacks.*

Madeline Foreman

3. Joinhoney.com

This website is the best for finding deals on every website. Honey is a free browser extension that runs in the background of your websites and automatically finds all deals that could be applied to the items in your cart. This way, you can look at any site for gifts for your family and friends and save money!

Honey has been one the best hacks that I have found as a college student and I definitely recommend it (whether you use it for gifts or for yourself). Some of the stores that Honey includes are Target, Costco and more food-related stores. I've found that adding some cute cookies or chocolate as part of a gift can add a unique and delicious factor! 

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Christin Urso

4. Outlet stores

Outlets are super handy. In Syracuse, Destiny USA has an entire wing that is dedicated to outlet stores that have discounted clothes and merchandise (including food!).

If you live in the New York area, Woodbury Commons is an entire mall of outlet stores. They have stores such as Godiva where I always find cute gift bundles for my family and friends.

Outlet stores have the same clothes that you could find in the regular store, but potentially a season older. Shopping at outlet stores is a huge way to save money on gifts (for your family or even yourself). 

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Delissa Handoko

5. Unidays

Unidays is an app available for any college student that has discounts for a number of stores. Since retailers know that college students don't always have money available, they partner with Unidays to give college students a percentage off of their purchase. The app includes stores such as H&M, Adidas, Urban Outfitters, Bed Bath & Beyond, Grubhub and more.