You've been to the gym every day, you've eaten all of your greens, and you've stayed away from the ever-tempting plate of steaming fries for too long now. You know what you need to do: treat yo self. 

I'm from a small town, and when I found out I was coming to Atlanta for school I was excited to explore all the great food options that come with a big city. Since coming here, I have loved exploring the delicious food options, so why not share the wealth of knowledge? From morning to night, I've listed the best food finds in Atlanta. Put on your pregnancy pants and enjoy the best eats in Atlanta.

Breakfast: Rise-n-Dine

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Molly Roberts

Order the chocolate chip buttermilk waffles from Rise-n-Dine in Emory Village. Rise-n-Dine is known by Emory students to be the best place for a yummy brunch. You may be intimidated by the line out front, but believe me, it's worth the wait. The decor is just waiting to be posted on your VSCO. If you're more in the mood for adulting, try making your own omelet or mix things up with their A.M. tacos. Rise-n-Dine won't break the bank, so feel free to go a little crazy. 

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Alyssa Van Arsdale

After breakfast, digest and explore Ponce City Market. Ponce City Market is a compilation of different restaurants and stores. I recommend checking out the Skyline Park. There are so many Insta-worthy moments inside with mini golf, a skyline slide, and arcade games.

Lunch: Hop's Chicken

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Blair Baker

Order the chicken biscuit with honey mustard from Hop's Chicken (don't forget the side of this cheesy mac 'n cheese). Luckily, this chicken still tastes good the next day, so try ordering a half bird and bringing the fun home. 

Snack: Honeysuckle Gelato

Balance out your savory lunch with a Nutella ice cream sandwich with salted caramel sauce from Honeysuckle Gelato (did I mention that this is a donut ice cream sandwich?). The creamy gelato here is irresistible. Honorable mention goes to the fresh mint gelato. 

Molly Roberts

Walk off the calories on the Beltline. The Beltline transformed what was 22 miles of railroad into a walkway above the city. The Beltine will take you through 45 neighborhoods and gives you ample time to explore the city and prepare yourself for dinner.

Dinner: Tamarind Seed

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Blair Baker

Next, try some authentic Thai food at Tamarind Seed. Pineapple fried rice is a must, and the Thai tea will make you feel like you are in Thailand. The authentic decor is the perfect pairing to the meals bursting with flavor. It's hard to go wrong with any dish, but the classic pad Thai exceeds expectations. 

Dessert: Café Intermezzo

Café Intermezzo is your last stop of the day. The chocolate crunch cake is a life changer. Café Intermezzo has half outdoor seating, and the warm ambiance will make you start to feel like you are in a cozy Parisian café. If you aren't in the mood for cake, a Nutella crêpe never fails to please. Café Intermezzo is a little more on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for here.  

#SpoonTip: Ask your waiter to heat up the chocolate crunch cake.