Ray Dining Hall can be a struggle, especially for a freshman like me with an unlimited plan and no money to my name. But, I've compiled a few tips and tricks for creativity and fun meals in Providence College's Dining Hall. 

How to be Creative in Ray Dining Hall 

Let's start off with Breakfast...

       Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that's why switching it up and being creative will help you be more excited to wake up in the morning and eat!

       The first thing I see when I walk into Ray in the morning is the yogurt bar.

But what if you don't like yogurt?

Then, my tip is to just get the granola in a bowl and add some fruit, like cut up banana, strawberries and blueberries.

cereal, granola, banana, muesli
Whitney Wilkerson

       Or maybe walk over to the eggs and bacon station...

Here you can make a breakfast sandwich...

Dunkin Donuts and eaton street late night cafe style! Here are the steps to the perfect sandwich:

              1. Toast an English Muffin or Bagel 

              2. Butter it up!

              3. Grab some scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage 

              4. Top it off with some shredded cheese.  

                            -typically on the side of the omelet station 

              5. Let the sandwich sit for about a minute to let the cheese get      all melty :)

             6. Eat up! because you have made a delicious and nutritious breakfast sandwich that is calling your name! 

       Take a right from the eggs and bacon station to the make your own waffle station.

bun, cheese, sandwich, bacon
Kelsey Coughlin

Make a Scrumptious Peanut Butter Waffle

Here's how:

              1. Make a waffle using full cup of batter 

              2. Spread some butter on it :)

              3.  Take about two of the peanut butter packs and spread those onto the waffle

              4.  (optional) Top with some fruit from the yogurt bar or douse in some sweet syrup 

             5. Enjoy and make sure you have a cup of milk to wash it down

Have a Little Extra Spending Money?

       Buy some avocados and become #Trendy with some dining hall avocado toast! All you need is multigrain toast, squirt of lemon juice, salt and pepper. You can choose to just put slices of avocado onto the toast or use and fork and knife to mash up the avocado ad spread it onto the toast. Or you can get even crazier and put avocado on a breakfast sandwich for a totally different taste

avocado, vegetable, bread, toast, meat
Anna Lustig

       This next option is a little risky.....

Become a Banana Thief!

       Take one, two, or three bananas to go for a quick breakfast right before class. You can put them in your backpack or pocket, just make sure Fran or Dot doesn't catch ya

You Need to get Your Caffeine Boost

       You should always have an insulated coffee tumbler with you to take coffee or tea to go. This ensures that you don't spend money on dunks or Starbucks. If you have a sore throat, I recommend a cup of hot tea in the morning with honey instead of sugar or Splenda. Honey is very helpful in reducing coughs and sore throats along with being a healthier option to sugar or Splenda. 

       If you are not a coffee person... Bring your reusable water bottle and go grab a slice of lemon, ice and water and have refreshing drink to keep you awake all day!  

Lunch Time!!!

       You don't want that mid-day lull, especially in between classes! So time for some creative lunch options....

Speciality Bread Anyone?

       There are speciality bread options at the deli station occasionally with the sandwich of the day, use them! You do not need to order the specialty sandwich to get the speciality bread. For example, you can make a Turkey, pesto and provolone panini on ciabatta bread. And it is soo yummy :)

baguette, bread, ciabatta, sandwich
Kaely Gallagher

Take Three is Life

       If you are a die hard take three fan, but are too lazy to walk to Alumni or already used it for the day. You can make a quesadilla using a wrap from the deli station and cheese from the salad bar, melt it using the glorious panini press. Make it more fancy with cut up chicken and veggies! Or you can make a classic grilled cheese at the deli station using the panini press. What I am basically saying is that the panini press is your best friends for any sandwhich option at Ray.  

To Stay on The Healthy Side, Let Lunch be Salad Time. 

       Let's be real, sometimes it's really hard to have a healthy dinner with so many options of food and the constant craving of ice cream to finish the meal. So, take every lunch time to be healthy! get a salad with lots of veggies and a small amount of dressing. And grab an apple or banana for a side. Want that to go? Go to Flo's-to-go! And skip the chips and cookie!

       Also at the salad bar is edamame. Though this is only occasionally, when you spot it take advantage! You can get rice, edamame and soy or teriyaki sauce and have a delicious side dish to your meal that is also perfect for sharing ;)

edamame, fava beans, broad beans, pasture, pea, vegetable, legume
Sarah Goldman

DIY Pasta Salad 

       From time to time, the salad bar has pasta salad, but when they don't have it, you can make your own!

       All you need is...

              -Pasta from the pasta station

              -Italian or Balsamic Dressing

              -Veggies from the salad bar (to taste): Broccoli, mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes and olives 

       And then you can share with friends!

Water you Gonna do About Drinks?  

       For drinks, I suggest you just stick to water. There are many different water options available at Ray. There is regular ice water, lemon water, varying fruit water, and vitamin water. Though the soft drinks are tempting, water will keep you hydrated and happy.


       Especially at Ray, patience is key. If you eat at 6:30 every night, you will always have lines for the best stations to get food. You have two options: go to dinner earlier or take advantage take the waiting time to catch up with friends on your day. I always choose to wait in line and I always think its worth it!

~Pesto Pasta~   

       If you are addicted to pesto like me then this super simple dinner dish is for you! All you need is...


              -Pesto from the Deli Station

              -(Optional) shredded cheese: to make it cheesy pesto pasta :)  

              - Maybe even toss a little but of butter in there for better mixing 

      Mix it all together and enjoy!

soup, herb, vegetable, pasta
Nikki D'Ambrosio

Vegetarian Station

       The vegetarian station always has fresh ingredients and great flavor combos. Also, its a great spot to try something new, like quinoa or black bean bowls!

       Even if you don't want the main meal you can always ask to just have the additions thrown onto your plate. For example, just get quinoa and head to the salad bar and make your own combo or quinoa bowl!

Omelet Station 

       This station always has a hot meal that is extra delicious! Whether its an extra cheesy panini, or pulled pork and potato chips, it always ensures a great meal and a full belly! 

       The best meal I have had from this station is a french toast panini with ham, turkey and Swiss cheese, topped with syrup and powdered sugar. Such an unexpected combination but sooo good!

cheese, sandwich
Tarika Narain

Chicken and Rice are Your Best Friends 

       Feel like there is absolutely nothing to eat at Ray? Trust me this will happen a lot, but don't freak out!

       Grab some rice with soy or teriyaki sauce. Add a grilled chicken breast or two and add a little barbeque sauce or salad dressing. This mean isn't lacking flavor and is filled with protein, to help you power through your next workout! 

Hope this helped you conquer the daily struggles of Ray Dining Hall at Providence College!