The thing that always makes me excited to visit home (besides seeing my family LOL) is the bomb food my hometown of Miami has to offer. But this is also (probably) how I managed to basicall gain the freshman 15 while home for spring break.

Maybe I didn't literally gain 15 pounds, but it sure felt like it with how much I ate. I wanted to eat all of my favorite local foods that I had been missing so much, and this was the only chance I had to do it—so yeah I have no regrets. Here're all the local spots I went to in Miami over spring break. 

Party Cake Bakery

Lauren Eustace

Of course, I waited until the last possible second to book my flight home for spring break. The only flight left was at 5 am, and I cannot get through mornings without a good cup of coffee. 

Luckily, Cuban coffee shops are on every street corner around Miami. I went right from the airport and hit up Party Cake Bakery for a coffee and all the Cuban pastries I could eat. This was my first meal in the 305, and I ate everything pictured above. 

Arbetter's Hot Dogs

One of the greatest indulgent moments of my spring break was stopping at Arbetter's hot dog stand on the way home from the beach, for a crispy corn dog and a side of chili cheese fries.

This place has been open forever and is always a must when I come home—its that simple, classic, heart attack inducing food we all know and love. 

Joe's Stone Crabs

Lauren Eustace

Joe's is one of the most famous restaurants on Miami Beach and definitely a treat. I had the biggest food baby after eating here, most likely because I made the mistake of downing a whole tray of hot bread before my crab cake sandwich arrived.

Such a rookie move, but no regrets. 

Whip N' Dip

chocolate, ice cream, candy, ice, cream, sprinkles
Lauren Eustace

I went to Whip N' Dip four times, in the one week I was home—no chill whatsoever. It's a total hole in the wall and super old school, and yet the line is always out the door.

I've been getting the same ice cream at Whip N' Dip for as long as I can remember—cotton candy with marshmallows, sprinkles and gummy bears has always been the move. 

Night Owl Cookie Co.

It was my last night in Miami, and I suddenly realized that I had not yet hit up Night Owl this spring break. Um, not acceptable. I grabbed my car keys without question because hot cookies are totally necessary at 1 am

So obviously I had no chill this spring break when it came to eating the foods I have loved my whole life. I never thought I would be at risk for the freshman 15 right in my own hometown, but NGL I'm already thinking about what I'm going to eat during summer break.