Florida State is home to some pretty cool places. One of those places that flies under the radar is the Grindhouse. Located in the Student Life Center movie theater, Grindhouse is dishing out some of Florida State's best coffee. 

Is it the BEST Cup of Coffee on Campus? 

The Grindhouse is proudly serving Lucky Goat coffee. Yes! You heard right you can get Lucky Goat coffee on campus. This cute little cafe has its own Lucky Goat expresso machine. The Grindhouse is open Monday through Friday so slide by for your fix of caffeine. 

The Specialty Drinks 

 Every specialty drink is movie themed. They have The Departed which is a latte with chocolate and Irish cream. The Hangover which is caramel, frozen hot chocolate mocha, and espresso. The Darjeeling Limited, a chi tea latte with a shot of expresso. The I'll Have What She's Having, frozen hot chocolate with strawberry or cherry.


The Grindhouse is not just serving up coffee. They also sell smoothies and Italian sodas! Before you catch a movie or go to class you can grab a smoothie. Or if you want an Italian soda they have 15+ flavors.


DON'T WORRY! Your coffee will not be $37. Grindhouse is one of the more affordable places to get coffee on campus. So this is the perfect place to go if you want a bang for your buck. Also no matter what you get "Everything is Awesome!"

So Why Go to Grindhouse ? 

Why Not?  This cafe is definitely super underrated. I have personally never had a bad experience and everything I've tried has been delicious. All in all, The Grindhouse is super cool and the coffee is bomb. So the next time you go to see a movie or pass by the ASLC give Grindhouse a chance.