Just as cooking or baking takes a lot of preparation, so does putting together a runway show. The difference is the chefs actually try the food, and most models try not to eat before the show. You know what they say — never trust a skinny cook and zero's not a size.

Trends vs. Fads

tea, pasta
Carlie Littman

Over time, both fashion and food have experienced various trends. Some that remain as classics and some that turn into fads. For example, leather jackets will never go out of style, but my mom’s leg warmers and bell bottom jeans, well, that’s another story. 

Burgers, potato chips, and ice cream are staples that people will always crave. However, the Ramen burger (ramen noodle bun + regular burger), spiraled potato chips on a stick (regular potato chips in spiraled form on a stick), and Burrata (cheese) flavored ice cream are fads that will eventually grow sour. They are big hits while in season, but not when they pass their expiration date. 

The "Must-Haves"

The “must-have-it”/hungry feeling is also evident in both fashion and food. This effect is increased through social media: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Celebrities also play a huge role in this. Gigi Hadid was wearing Victoria’s Secret apparel and carrying a kale smoothie in her latest Snapchat story, so who wouldn't want to?  

Social Media

Accounts on Instagram such as @Weworewhat and @Newforkcity have both posted fashion and foods centrally located in New York City with a few destination pictures.

@Weworewhat posts pictures of anything from gym apparel, street wear, vacation outfits, to what to wear on a night out. @Newforkcity posts any and every meal of the day, and obviously dessert. They post anything from homemade baked goods to all the hot dishes from both popular and low-key eateries. Each sparkle on a purse and drip of ice cream are the iconic, sweet accents that leave the followers wanting more.

Runway and Practical Use

In addition to fashion, food has now started to hit the runway. Models walk down the runway with food for the audience to indulge in just as typical runway shows show off clothes for people to purchase. Food is also used as textiles for practical use. Nike has already launched a pair of chicken and waffle sneakers which brings the comfort food aroma to the next level.

Colors and Aesthetics 

tea, coffee, beer
Emma Fein

Colors and aesthetics are two key components that overlap with food and fashion and are necessary for nailing down the perfect photo. Whether it’s seeing food in jewelry or handbag advertisements or popular brands in food ads, this cross section is definitely something to take note of.

The New Aesthetic

Going into the future: is food the new fashion aesthetic? Maybe the old urban myth you are what you eat wasn't such a myth after all. Especially when food is EGGactly what you're wearing.