Hot dogs are one of those foods that are tasty all on its own, but we can't deny that sometimes you're in the mood for a fully-loaded (and messy) dog. Whether you're ordering out or making them at home, here's a handy-dandy guide on what hot dog topping you should choose according to your zodiac sign

Capricorn: No toppings

As a Capricorn myself, I know full well that we don't have the time (or patience) for frou frou toppings. We just want to grab our plain ol' dogs and go. There are more important things to do. 

Aquarius: Guac and Salsa

Forget avocado toast, this zodiac is all about the next big thing: guac hot dogs. Aquarius are the first to know about the latest food trends and the hottest new restaurants, so it's no surprise that they'd also be the type to mix avocado and hot dogs

Pisces: Chili

Is there a better hot dog topping than chili? Pisces says no. While on the messier side, there's no denying that a good chili dog is worth all the calories

Aries: Hot Sauce and Pickled Jalapenos

Aries love living on the wild side, especially when it comes to their hot dog toppings. Sometimes they might add too many pickled peppers and too much hot sauce on their dog, but that's all part of the fun.

Taurus: Mustard, Ketchup & Relish

A bit more practical than some of these other zodiacs, Taurus will stick to the classic hot dog toppings, but add their own creative twist to it. Whether that be by drawing faces on their dog or by making the perfect sauce swirls. 

Gemini: Bacon-wrapped

The smartest of us all, Gemini focus more on the hot dog as opposed to what to top it with. By wrapping the hot dog before cooking it, you not only get the smoked flavor from the bacon, but also the crunch. 

Cancer: Mac n' Cheese

This homey topping will make this simple dog the perfect pick-me-up for any Cancer in a cranky mood. If you wanna go a step further than Kraft mac n' cheese, spice things up with these homemade macaroni recipes.

Leo: Caramelized Onions

Sweet, smokey and salty, caramelized onions are the perfect addition to any hot dog order. A little out-of-the-box, Leo's will find this topping a nice change of pace from their usual order.

Virgo: Chicago-style

In typical Virgo fashion, they've got to go for the classiest (and most specific) toppings on this list. Chicago-style toppings include relish, onions, mustard, pickles, peppers, and of course, never any ketchup.

Libra: Sauerkraut

A little funky (and loaded with health benefits), sauerkraut is perfect for any Libra looking for a hot dog topping that will help them get through the morning-after partying. 

Scorpio: Scallions

Set in their ways, Scorpios may find it hard to try this crazy hot dog topping, but trust me, it's amazing. The bright onion flavor of the scallions is not only refreshing, but also a great way to intimidate weaker zodiacs.

Sagittarius: Bacon and Cheese

This zodiac DGAF about their summer abs. Not for the small-stomached (or lactose intolerant), this topping will feel good in the moment, but a few hours might leave you hurting a few hours later.

The next time you hit the grill, check out which topping you should smother your hot dog in. Only your zodiac sign can find your one true topping.