Halloween and Thanksgiving haven't even happened yet, but it's already time for Christmas. If you don't believe me, check the weather and listen to the music on the radio. Everyone knows the perfect treat for the holiday season, and for winter in general, is hot chocolate. Nothing beats the rich chocolate flavor and fluffy texture of the marshmallows, at least until now.  The Mars brand just dropped the perfect wintertime snack, hot cocoa M&M's.

What do they taste like?

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Xinwei Zeng

Hot cocoa M&M's were originally released in 2015.  Although they had great chocolate flavor, they lacked an essential component of hot chocolate: marshmallows.  Now they're back and better than ever because now the centers aren't filled with chocolate—they're filled with a marshmallow flavor.  The coating will consist of milk chocolate and white chocolate.  One bite will be like taking a sip of hot cocoa. 

Where can you get them?

Hot cocoa M&M's are going to be exclusively sold at Target. They are going to start being sold in November, so maybe you can add a new dessert to the Thanksgiving table. Or, you can wait until December and put them in a Christmas stocking.  

Whenever and wherever you decide to eat these delicious M&M's, they'll definitely put you in the winter and Christmas spirit. If you've shied away from M&M's exotic flavors in the past, this definitely isn't one to skip out on. Make sure to go to Target and get in the holiday spirit early this year!