It’s the most wonderful time of the year: it’s candy season! We wait all year for the grocery store to be filled with Halloween-inspired treats and desperately try to convince our friends to go trick-or-treating instead of bar hopping this year. But that’s not the only debate you’ll be having. Each year comes the fun of arguing why your favorite candy is by far superior, or why your best friend’s candy choice is severely lacking. Here are the most controversial Halloween candies—you love them, or you love to hate them.

Candy Corn 

Candy corn may just be the most controversial candy out there. Whether you finish a whole bag in one sitting or feel nauseous at the site of it, odds are you're talking about it.  Get in the Halloween spirit and ask your friends if they know what candy corn really is.

Black Licorice

Apparently, there are still people out there who enjoy black licorice. The flavor somehow makes its way to a ton of your favorite foods like ice cream and jelly beans.  But some (most) people associate the black Halloween candy with black magic. 

Dubble Bubble  

The little pink rolls of gum are often associated with images of a adorable pink bubbles and classic bubblegum flavor.  However, candy connoisseurs will agree that the flavor runs out faster than you can pop your bubble. 

Baby Ruth

Let's be honest: does anyone actually know what a Baby Ruth tastes like? While some leave the candy bar at the bottom of their trick or treat bag, others insist it is an underrated treasure.  Potentially even better than Snickers? (Gasp)   

Circus Peanuts

Every Halloween, innocent snackers find themselves asking the question, "What are circus peanuts?" The orange treats resemble packing peanuts, and they are actually made of marshmallow.  While some run at the site of the squishy treats, others can't get enough of their sweet goodness.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: raisins aren't fruit and they aren't candy.  This Halloween, ignite a debate with a raisin lover as they explain to you the chewy goodness of a chocolate covered raisin, and you can explain to them why Goobers are far superior. 

Dum Dums

Dum Dums are as controversial as it gets.  With their classic style and plethora of flavors, these mini lollipops can't help but get you feeling nostalgic.  On the other hand, you'll finish it way too quickly and find yourself with a wet white stick and stained tongue. 


Who can forget watching mischievous kids in the cafeteria attempt to snort Smarties for the ultimate sugar high? If you were one of those kids, maybe you legitimately like Smarties. Or you think they're just small sugar disks and you couldn't get your hands on a Pixie Stick. 

No matter what your Halloween plans entail, make sure you take time out of your day for at least one of your favorite candies.  But if that candy is featured on this list, be prepared for someone to yuck your yum.