Whether it’s finals week, the holiday season, or you’re trying to distract yourself from living life, nothing does the trick like snuggling up with some good ol’ Netflix. It’s an addiction, frenzy, and the perfect comfort for any stress or loneliness you may have. Why not combine your favorite show with a hot chocolate recipe to kick off the holiday season? Here’s what we’ve got — the best hot cups of cocoa to bring additional comfort to your night of quality R&R.

"Gilmore Girls" — Caffeinated Hot Cocoa

tea, coffee
Taylor Choi

Between the new revival and the seven original seasons, "Gilmore Girls" is always a show full of laughter, love, and coffee! If you’re a real fan, you know how much Lorelai loves her coffee. Bring out your inner Gilmore girl with a little kick in your cocoa.

"Orange is the New Black" — Boozy Peppermint Hot Chocolate

beer, alcohol, wine, liquor, coffee
Julia Muro

Can we call this delicious drink “Piper-mint Hot Chocolate”? Along with her pun-worthy name and minty fresh personality, we recommend this indulgence to help you relax even more. Just be “ready to surrender" – it’s absolutely delicious!

"Friends" — Cookie Dough Hot Chocolate

coffee, chocolate, espresso, milk
Sam Jesner

Nothing says “feel-good” like watching "Friends," and nothing says “friendship" quite like cookie dough. Make the best of both worlds with this hot chocolate and imagine your 25-year-old self living in Manhattan with the best squad around.

"Scandal" — Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Emily Gordon

It’s smooth, thick, and completely irresistible — just like Olivia Pope’s scandalous relationship. In the nation’s capital, red is a prominent color (as is decadence). Put it all together in this delicious delight.

"Gossip Girl" — Copycat Serendipity Frozen Hot Cocoa

cream, milk, sweet, chocolate, coffee, pudding, cappuccino, whipped cream, mousse, yogurt, dairy product, dairy
Kristi Cook

There’s nothing short of drama when it comes to our favorite crew of “Manhattan’s elite.” Take a sip of this frozen treat and travel to the Upper East Side, where S, B, and Serendipity 3 exist in perfect harmony. 

"New Girl" — Fluffernutter Hot Chocolate

chocolate, cream, coffee, hot chocolate, ice, cappuccino, milk, espresso, mocha, ice cream
Abby Grinberg

Let’s face it, Jess is a goofy girl, and what’s there to make you feel goofier than saying the word “fluffernutter” five times quickly? Add a little salty to your sweet, toss a few cents in that special jar of theirs, and hang with your favorite Los Angeles dorks with this recipe.

"The Office" — Hot Vanilla with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

coffee, cappuccino, milk, cream, espresso, chocolate, hot chocolate
Abigail Wilkins

Life at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is nothing near normal, so why not stray away from the usual and do hot…vanilla!? Keep your hands warm when you travel to Dwight’s beet farm with this yummy beverage with a spicy cinnamon touch. 

"Stranger Things" — Maple Syrup Hot Chocolate 

coffee, chocolate, espresso, tea
Allie Brady 

Pair some of Eleven's stolen Eggo waffles with this maple syrup cocoa. This breakfast of champions would be sure to prepare you for the Upside Down.

"Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp"— S'mores Hot Cocoa

coffee, tea
Hailey Maher

Feeling those summer camp blues? When you can't have s'mores this time of year, try out this cocoa recipe that will make you feel like you're back at camp.

"Grey's Anatomy" — Healthy Hot Chocolate

milk, coffee, chocolate, sweet, cream, marshmallow, hot chocolate, candy
Alyssa Maccarrone

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but can this cocoa? Try out a healthier take on your classic hot cocoa;  it'll prevent you from a trip to Seattle Grace Mercy West.

"30 Rock" — Orange Hot Chocolate 

coffee, milk, cappuccino, tea, espresso, sweet, chocolate
Allie Brady

Self explanatory, no? Liz Lemon would approve of this citrus hot cocoa. Your life coach, Jack Donaghy, would want you to get all your Vitamin C.

"Parks and Rec" — Nutella Hot Chocolate 

tea, coffee
Parsa Lotfi

Nutella goes great with waffles; Nutella goes great with hot chocolate. Leslie Knope loves waffles, so she would love this cocoa

We're all guilty of those lights-off, blankets-on, binge watch sessions. While you're recovering from finals this winter break, make sure to try out one (or all) of these recipes. Happy viewing, friends!