It's undeniable that Christmas time is the best time to pull out those baking trays and cook up some delicious treats. Whether you're baking for yourself, your office, or for that yummy holiday cookie swap, the options are endless—and sometimes overwhelming. So why not figure out which cookie you should bake that best suits your personality based on your Zodiac sign? Trust me, this is pretty scientific stuff. 

Aries: Pfeffernüsse

Aries are strong and courageous and not afraid to try new things. Your independence and optimism spice up your life, like Pfeffernüsse, which are German spice cookies that have a kick of cinnamon and black pepper. 

Taurus: Molasses Chews

chocolate, cream, sweet, candy, cake, goody, milk, pastry
Sarah Stettin

Know for their kindness and attachment to people, Taurus are always there for those who need help through tough times. Molasses chews are the perfect match for these robust helpers. 

Gemini: Peppermint Bark

cookie, peppermint, cake, chocolate
Dylan Barth

Geminis bring a witty and lighthearted approach to life, even in the hardest times. They're charismatic, but indecisive people, as Geminis are known for needing versatility and frequently express a duel personality. Peppermint bark brings all the diversity of flavors a Gemini wants in her life. 

Cancer: Eggnog Cookies

apple, cinnamon
Meg Browder

Cancers are some of the most empathetic and caring people you'll ever meet. They can be emotional about the past sometimes, but are pretty classic and loving people, so a traditional eggnog cookie is the perfect fit. 

Leo: Chocolate Espresso Snowcaps

Leos are vigorous, energetic, and loyal people whose presence can warm up a room. Bake some chocolate espresso snowcaps to match any Leo's bold personality.  

Virgo: Spritzgebäck 

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fcforever81w on Instagram

Considered the smartest sign, Virgos are delicate and analytical individuals who appreciate fixing and solving problems. Spritzgebäck cookies are the perfect combination of crispy with a sweet buttery flavor.

Libra: Russian Tea Cakes

Libras are confident, balanced people who try to improve the lives of those around them. Their strong opinion and bold personality go great with the walnutty flavor of Russian tea cakes. 

Scorpio: Gingersnaps

cinnamon, pastry, molasses, ginger, candy, gingerbread, sweet, chocolate, cookie
Maya Giaquinta

Scorpios have a tough shell, but are sensitive and deeply emotional. Gingersnaps have just a hint of ginger that warms the tongue, while staying the sweet and classic cookie we all love eating at grandma's house. 

Sagittarius: Gingerbread

chocolate, gingerbread, candy, sweet, cookie, cake, goody
Sarah Comerford

Sags are adventurous, easily adaptable, independent, and loyal people. Bake up a batch of gingerbread, the most classic of Christmas treats, to decorate and munch on this holiday season with your favorite Sagittarius. 

Capricorn: Fruitcake 

Patient, dedicated, and reliable, Capricorns sometimes have trouble opening up to other people. Fruitcakes take patience to bake and time to get get used to its flavor, making it the perfect treat for Capricorns. 

Aquarius: Sugar Cookies

cake, cream
Isabelle Langheim

Exciting, smart, and honest, Aquarius are sweet and loving people, just like some Santa sugar cookies. 

Pisces: Peppermint Sugar Cookies

Full of twists and surprises, Pisces always add a little fun to life. They're creative and unique, just like adding a bit of crunchy peppermint to a classic Christmas sugar cookies.