You've probably heard people say there are certain foods you should eat that can help you do better on finals. Or you may be thinking this is a myth. Well, now's the time to see which ones are actually scientifically proven to help. Whether it's chewing the same flavor of gum during a test or eating a banana to enhance your memory, certain snacks can help enhance your brain function. This article will debunk all the myths and help you succeed on those tricky finals

Trick #1: Gum

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Julia Gilman

We've all heard the myth that chewing gum while you study and then chewing that same gum during the test helps you remember information better. But how do we know if it actually works? According to Live Science, after an experience involving students chewing gum and taking a test "within the 15-to-20-minute 'window' of the effect, the chewing-gum group recalled 25-to-50-percent more". They said this was because "chewing warms up the brain" and "gets more blood flowing to your head". With all that said, don't just rely on gum to ace your finals! But it's good to know that some of this chewing gum myth may actually help you retain some more information. 

Trick #2: Nuts 

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Christin Urso

Everyone knows nuts are good for the brain, but what we want to know is if they help with testing. According to Developing Human Brain, walnuts help with information storing and brain processing, almonds enhance problem-solving skills, and cashews improve memory. So if you have a final that involves memorization and problem-solving, make sure to grab a handful of nuts before you take that test. 

Trick #3: Bananas

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Amelia Hitchens

Another rumor I have heard is that bananas help with memory and therefore you should take one before a test. I have to say I have actually attempted to do this before and haven't seen many results. I eat a banana almost every morning before class and haven't seen much improvement in my memory. However, according to Forbes, fruit, such as a banana, is "rich in Vitamin C" and "boosts mental agility and reduces decline in the brain's cognitive abilities". So while it may not be an immediate solution to helping with your finals, having a banana or any fruit the day before a big test can only help. 

Whether you try these tricks or not, it's always important to eat healthy during finals week or the day of a big test. A good substantial meal will improve your energy and give you the boost you need to ace your finals.