We all know the famous quartet, the Impractical Jokers—Joe, Sal, Q, and Murr. When they're not causing each other pain through the personal, hysterical punishments, they are wreaking havoc among the residents of New York City.

The Jokers end up in convenience stores, malls, grocery stores, and, of course, different resturants. Here is a list of every restaurant the Impractical Jokers have been to to mess with customers. 

White Castle

This is where it all began for the Jokers. The guys play their game of, "refuse you lose" in an attempt to embarrass each other. 

16 Handles

When the guys came here, they all worked to get their mound of frozen yogurt for the cheapest price; whichever Joker paid the least amount of money won the challenge. If you're not trying to mess around with cashiers, 16 Handles is a great frozen yogurt place located in many spots across New York and New Jersey. 


The guys head out to Caffebene in New York and ask other customers to approve emails they send before they send them. 

Pat O'Brien's Bar

The guys make a trip to New Orleans to hang out at Pat O'Brien's bar. While working in teams, they try to steal as many sips from other customers' drinks as possible.

Tagine Dining Gallery

The guys took over this Moroccan themed resturant located in New York, New York for Joe's punishment of dancing like a belly dancer. 

Buffalo Boss

Located in Brooklyn and Harlem, Buffalo Boss has been serving wings and chicken tenders for the past seven years. While the guys were there, they worked as cashiers, doing and saying whatever the other guys told them to. 

Ferrara Bakery

While the guys hung out at NYC's cannoli-famous bakery, they played another round of "refuse you lose." 

Ferrara Bakery has been around for over 100 years, and was America's first espresso bar.

Tea Lounge

The Jokers came to the Tea Lounge for one of Sal's punishments, in which the guys programmed his computer to play sexual noises. Unfortunately, the Tea Lougne is shut down, but the guys had a lot of laughs there.


Acting as cooks at this New York Hibachi-style resturant, they had to do and say whatever they were told.    

Dairy Queen

The guys hung out at Dairy Queen to play another round of "refuse you lose."

Chinatown Brasserie

The Jokers made it to Chinatown Brasserie just before it closed. Their goal was to steal the most food off of other peoples' plates.

Señor Frogs

The guys head to Senor Frogs in New York to serve customers; while they're there, they have to do whatever they're told. While the location in New York is now closed, there are several different locations around the world for a fun night out. 


Joe and Q team up, against Murr and Sal while serving incredible bagels to customers at Bagelsmith in New York. 


Ichiumi is a seafood and sushi buffet located in New Jersey. Even though Q doesn't like sushi, the guys head over to mess with customers as they're instructed.

Full Cop Coffee Shop

The guys headed to this amazing coffee shop in Staten Island for one of Murr's punishments. 

Dallas Barbeque 

At Dallas Barbeque, the guys are fighting to see which Joker can get sips of other customers drinks. The catch is that they all have abnormally sized straws, making this already challenging task slightly more difficult.

Rosa's Pizza

While at Rosa's Pizza in New York City, the guys mess with customers and their pizza while doing what the other guys tell them to do

Mike's Donut Shop

Out in Brooklyn, the guys head over to Mike's Donuts to ask customers to donate to fake charities that the other guys made up for them. 

Southern Smokehouse

At Southern Smokehouse buffet, the guys are in competition to see which Joker can take the most food off of other customers plates! 

Da Vinci Pizzeria

Murr and Q took over Da Vinci Pizza in Brooklyn for a "Joker vs. Joker" challenge, in which they had to help customers with their pizza, while doing what the other guys told them to. 

Da Vinci Pizza can also be found in New York City, and is famous for their incredible Sicilian slices. 

Organic Avenue

Organic Avenue is an incredible Vegan Cafe located across New York. When the Impractical Jokers were here, they played a round of "refuse you lose" with a twist. The Jokers posed as training employees. The store employees reported to a manager, ranking the guys from 1-10 on their performance, and the Joker with the lowest score lost. 


Blimpie sandwich shop is located in various places across the country. Joe and Murr teamed up and Sal and Q teamed up to serve customers while doing what they were told by the other guys.

Jimbo's Bar and Grill

The guys head to the Jersey Shore to wait on customers at Jimbo's to play "refuse you lose." 

Lucky's Famous Burgers

Lucky's is located in New York, New York, and is truly famous for their incredible burgers. When the guys come in, Murr is in for an interesting interaction when his customer actually knows one of the owners!

Carnegie Deli

While at Carnegie Deli in New York, the guys pose as waitors and have to do what they're told. Q, however, calls in a friend to complete the task for him— Joey Fatone.

Sergimmo Salumeria

Sergimmo Salumeria is an Italian deli in New York City, where the guys go to mess with customers while the other guys tell them what to do.


While at Hooters, the guys pose as managers, making sure that customers are fairly uncomfortable with their presence. 

Reds Restaurant and Bar 

The guys mess with people across the world as well! They head over to London to Reds Restaurant and Bar doing what the other guys tell them to. Additionally, the guys have to scoop as many potatoes onto restaurant customers plates as they can!

Evil Olive Pizza

Evil Olive is known for their one dollar slices of pizza. The guys went out to the Brooklyn location to mess with customers. Murr has to spoil that the customers are on camera for a TV show when a police officer finds him awkwardly asking people how old they are. 

Katz's Deli 

Q actually runs into an old friend at New York's Katz's Deli. The guys serve sandwiches to customers while doing what the other guys tell them to.