So, it's 2:00AM, the bars are closed and you're standing in the middle of the Ped Mall arguing with friends on where you all should eat. You don't know which food places downtown are tasty enough, fast enough, or even open late enough for you to fulfill your hunger. You often ask yourself: where do I get a grilled cheese? A slice of pizza? A sandwich? To stop your head from hurting and to answer your questions, I decided to give students at The University of Iowa a list of the best drunk food places to cure your 2 am hunger.

Note: All "open till" hours are for weekend (meaning Thursday-Saturday) purposes only. 

1. Marco's Grilled Cheese

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Jacquelyn Roberto

Marco's Grilled Cheese is a food stand that serves grilled cheese, quesadillas, and other late-night snacks. It parks right outside the bars in Iowa City and waits for bar close to get their most loyal customers: drunk college students. The amount of food that you get is the perfect late night snack to stop your'e stomach from growling. 

Location: Pedestrian Mall, Iowa City, IA, right between Union & Brothers 

Price Range: $4.50-$10

Open Till: 3:00 AM

What's Tasty: Well, of course their grilled cheese is out of this world! Just a couple spreads of butter on the bread and a few slices of cheese, and BOOM! You have the greatest grilled cheese in the palm of your hands. But if you want to be a little creative, you can even add Cheetos or ham onto your original grilled cheese

They also serve quesadillas and you can add pico de gallo, sour cream, AND even chicken for a reasonable price.

Service: Fast! Fast! Fast! 

2. Falbo Bros Pizza

Falbo Bros Pizza (most people shorten it to Falbo's) is a pizzeria a bit further from most of the bars downtown, but is TOTALLY worth the walk. Their pizza is more on the deep dish side, but has a good balance of crust, cheese, and sauce to fulfill your taste buds. 

Location: 457 S Gilbert St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Price Range: $3-$20

Open Till: 4:00 AM 

What's Tasty: Their simple cheese pizza is great because a layer of sauce is added on top of the cheese and the thick crust that is great for dipping in your leftover sauce afterwards. You can also buy a sausage or pepperoni slice that has the same deliciousness.

Service: Depending on the line, it can take even as little as 5 minutes to as long as 30 minutes for a slice of pizza. 

3. Mami's Authentic 

Mami's Authentic is an authentic Mexican food place that serves various dishes such as tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, and nachos. This small and unique place is open late for a college student that is walking home from the bars and in the mood for some authentic Mexican food. 

Location: 221 S Gilbert St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Price Range: $2- $8

Open Till: 3:00 AM 

What's Tasty: Their nachos are a huge hit because of the many toppings you can put on it and the amount of food you get for your money. You can add queso, any kind of taco meats, beans, salsas, sour cream, jalapeños, etc. Another item that is just as tasty, are their burritos. They are seriously gigantic and you can add a lot of toppings similar to the ones on your nachos. 

Service: The line moves pretty fast. Make sure to get there as quick as possible once bars are closed or else you might have to stand in line outside. 

4. Mesa Pizza

Want to explore the different types of toppings on a pizza? Do you want pasta, but no local Iowa City Italian restaurant is open pass bar close? Or do you want a loaded baked potato, but do not have the time to make it at 2:00 AM? Well, Mesa Pizza can solve all those problems after the bars close. Mesa Pizza is a food stop that has pizzas varying from Mac & Cheese to Cheesy Bacon Potato. You can order it by the slice or share a whole pizza that come in a size of 12', 16', 20'. They truly have pizzas that you would not even think to create.

Location: 114 E Washington St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Price Range: $4 (for one slice) -$25 (large pizza)

Open Till: Bar Time! (AKA very late) 

What's Tasty: Their top seller is their famous Mac & Cheese pizza because whose favorite foods aren't Mac & Cheese and pizza? If they aren't your'e favorite, then you should try their Taco Pizza. 

Service: It does not usually take more than 30 minutes to get a warm slice of pizza (unless there are some people who take a while to choose which kind of pizza they want, since there are a lot to choose from). 

5. Pancheros Mexican Grill

Panchero's Mexican Grill (AKA Panch) is open late to serve drunk college students some quick and tasty Mexican food. They have great burritos because of the fresh tortilla that they press on hot right before filling it up with anything you want-- especially queso. The workers are friendly and make the wait worthwhile. You can enjoy their food by dining in or taking it home.

Location: 32 N. Clinton St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Price Range: $2-$10

Open Till: 3:00AM

What's Tasty: Their chips and queso are insanely famous because of the blue tortilla chips and the richness and spiciness of the queso. Another popular item are their burritos because of the fresh tortilla and the ability to get queso in it.

#SpoonTip: Try their quesadillas if you want to switch things up.

Service: Quick because most of the food is made to order. However, it can be a long wait if the line is out the door, but you'll most likely make some friends while waiting in line.

6. Jimmy John's 

It's freaky fast! Jimmy John's is a national food chain that is located downtown that serves sandwiches as fast as you can say the word "fast". Their menu consists of sandwiches with various options such as turkey, beef, ham, vegetarian, or multiple ingredients on one. You can make it a meal by adding a bag of chips, a pickle slice, and a drink for a reasonable price. Jimmy John's also offers lots of seating so you can sit with friends, eat your delicious sandwich, and reminisce on the night.

Location: 130 E. Washington St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Price Range: $2-$10

Open Till: 3:00 AM

What's Tasty: If you like multiple ingredients on your sandwich and love deli turkey then try either the "Club LuLu" or the "Beach Club." If not, then try the "Slim 5" which has capicola, salami, and cheese, or add more similar meats and get the "Vito" which has a tasty Italian vinaigrette.

If you are a vegetarian, they have a sandwich called "The Vegetarian" (#6) and it has provolone cheese, avocado spread, sliced cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. 

#SpoonTip: All their sandwiches can be put on their french roll, wheat bread slices, or even on have it wrapped in lettuce.

Service: Freaky Fast! 

7. PepperJax Grill 

PepperJax Grill is a food chain that was recently brought to Iowa City and is located right next to Pints, which is a great bar to end the night with. They serve tasty steak or chicken Phillies, french fries, loaded nachos, and even burritos. Their food is made right in front of you and is served to you hot.

Location: 114 S Clinton St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Price Range: $5-$15

Open Till: 3:00AM 

What's Tasty: They are mainly famous for their Phillies because of the fresh Philadelphia hearth baked roll that their sandwiches are on and the loaded toppings of cheese, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. You can get steak or chicken, or no meat at all.

Service: The line moves pretty fast. 

8. DP Dough 

Do you love pizza, but are sick of the generic kind? Want to step outside your comfort zone, or should i say CALzone? Well, DP Dough is here to help. DP Dough is known for their tasty stuffed calzones that fulfill your taste buds in just one gigantic bite. You can get anything from a buffalo chicken calzone to a calzone stuffed with sausage and cheese. 

Location: 519 E Washington St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Price Range: $2-$10

Open Till: 4:00 AM 

What's Tasty: Their fresh baked calzone section of their menu has great choices, such as the BBQ Chicken Zone, Cheese Zone, or the Italian Zone. If you want to make your own, you can! Just choose 4 ingredients that you love to put inside the dough! 

Their tater tots are also a great side. You can even add cheese and bacon on them to make them even tastier. 

Service: It may take awhile because the calzones go through a conventional oven, so order online through OrderUp or their website before you start to walk there.

#SpoonTip: Use this link to sign up for OrderUp and get $7 off your first order.

Well, those are the 8 best drunk food places in Iowa City. Now it's in your hands to choose which one out of these 8 to go to after bar close.