Do you and your roommates find it difficult to make time for cooking meals throughout the day? Or, do you stress about the post mealtime cleanup? If you do have the time, do you find yourselves searching for the internet for hours and hours on end for the perfect recipes to fit each of your dietary needs? These questions speak to the struggles of tight schedules, quick meals, and the unease of finding practical recipes for balanced eating, all of which are common among college foodies. If you are someone who is facing these challenging situations, then look no further because the Healthyish cookbook is the answer to your prayers.

What is Healthyish?

Recipe developer and writer Lindsay Maitland Hunt developed Healthyish as a new cookbook that speaks to the nature of all foodies. She offers thoughtful advice on health and balance, along with simple recipes for delicious food no matter what your day looks like. With training at the French Culinary Institute, experience as an editor at Real Simple and Buzzfeed Food, as well as previous experiences in recipe development at other big-time publications, Hunt is a true boss in the food industry.

In this book, you will not find a funky fad diet, nor will you find mysterious ingredients that go unfound on the shelves of your local grocery store. And you definitely won’t find recipes that leave you waiting hours for a homemade meal (who else can't stand being hangry?). Rather, Hunt uses her expert skills to break the stereotypical views of what it means to be "healthy."

Through this new cookbook, she sends a very clear message to her readers: real food, simplicity, and balance are key. So, whether you and your roommates are always on the go, enjoy sitting down together for home-cooked meals, or are constantly hosting large groups of friends, Healthyish is a game changer for your college kitchen.

It Caters to Cooks of All Skill Levels

Max Lederman

Some students grow up as their parents’ sous chef, while others see cooking as a foreign concept. The good news is that Healthyish does not discriminate. Instead, it offers recipes for both experienced and amateur chefs alike. In this cookbook, Hunt offers simple, step-by-step directions that can be easily followed no matter what your skill level is in the kitchen.

For those starting at the very beginning, her nine tips for new cooks, simple directions for boiling whole grains, and no-cook lunches are sure to give you the confidence you need to get started (I highly recommend the All-Day Snacker pictured above). And for those who find themselves in the kitchen often, there are more advanced meals that you can whip up too. The range of recipes in this book ensures that all foodies living in your home will be able to make good use of the kitchen.

It Offers Recipes That Fit Many Schedules

Max Lederman

A constant reminder throughout Healthyish is that a homemade meal is possible regardless of what your daily schedule may entail. Hunt catered her book to both those who meal-prep for the rest of the week and others who rely on their cravings and whatever is left in their pantry. No matter which category reflects your cooking style, Healthyish allows for flexibility.

Through this cookbook, those with busy schedules (aka college students) are offered ways to incorporate healthy meals into their routine without the added stress of long preparations and tiresome cleanups. During a week of exams, you may be in need of easy, single serving smoothies that you can pour in a to-go cup and drink on the way to class (as shown with the smoothie above, cleanup involves minimum equipment). Or, maybe in your free time, you like to cook delicious meals your friends by your side. Whatever the case may be, the possibilities offered through Healthyish are endless.

It Promotes a Budget-Friendly Kitchen

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Jordan Burns

The expense of buying certain ingredients and fancy kitchen cookware can be daunting for college students interested in cooking healthy meals. The good news is that Healthyish recipes help to alleviate these concerns. The recipes in this book were created in order to limit kitchen tools to the essentials. Plus, a limit on equipment cuts down on your cleanup time too.

Reasonable spending also applies to the ingredients in each recipe. A constant reminder from Hunt is that her recipes were meant to create ease in your life. Healthyish includes details regarding brands, recommended amounts to buy, and smart purchases from the right sources. So, not only are you learning to cook, but you are also given lessons on how to be an efficient consumer.

It Applies Balance to Many Different Diets

Emily Benderoff

No monotonous regimens and unrealistic restrictions are found in this cookbook. Instead, Healthyish recipes speak to truly sustainable eating habits. A pattern throughout this book is the use of Hunt’s five rules for a balanced meal. Flavor combos, simplicity, aesthetic, exciting additions, and increased portion size with decreased calorie intake are the definitive characteristics of Healthyish recipes. Sounds perfect, right?

However, there truly is no perfect equation of foods that lead to "healthyish" eating. Using the Special Diets Index, those with certain restrictions can easily find recipes that fit their exact needs. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and several combinations of the four are among the diets included in this section of the book. And those without any restrictions at all have plenty of recipes they can enjoy too.

The unique idea behind this cookbook is that health and balance are recognized from a broader view rather than confined to a narrow definition. Basically, you don’t have to change your daily habits to make use of this cookbook. Instead, Healthyish was formulated to create an overarching goal of health that fits the needs of many foodies.

It Guarantees Delicious Outcomes

Max Lederman

I often look through recipes online and wonder if some are too good to be true. From my own experience, I have learned the hidden truth behind some of the perfect pictures we see on the internet: looks can be deceiving. However, this is certainly not the case with recipes from Healthyish. Hunt has taken years of experimenting to develop recipes that actually work because as students, every minute counts.

Instead of exaggerating the outcomes of these recipes, she uses realistic pictures so that readers know exactly what they are in for. Even if it's been ages since you’ve used a physical cookbook, Healthyish should be the exception. It will bring you the nostalgic feeling of pleasure you used to get from opening your family's favorite cookbook. It is a staple that you and your roommates can enjoy separately or use to make memories in the kitchen together.

Emily Benderoff

This cookbook is the answer to any concerns you have about maintaining balance, cooking on a budget, and finding recipes that meet the needs of all foodies living in your home. With mouth-watering, budget-friendly, substantial, simple, and guilt-free recipes, what more could you ask for?

So, forget daunting restrictions. Avoid complicated instructions. Ignore ingredients that you can barely pronounce, and make Healthyish your next guilty purchase. With this cookbook in hand, you and your roommates' experiences in the kitchen will definitely be worth every minute.