Stressed spelled backwards is desserts and at this point in the school year, I think everyone is experiencing this feeling. If you love sweets but still are aiming for that summer bod, these healthier desserts are available to help with that and they're delivered straight to your door!

Doughbar Doughnuts

Over the top flavored and designed donuts have gained tons of fame in the foodie world this past year and these healthified donuts deserve the same attention! While a typical frosted and sprinkled donut is 290 calories and has 16 grams of fat, Doughbar Doughnuts are only 150 calories and 4 grams of fat. They're baked instead of fried, use a mix of healthy flours, and even have 11 grams of protein. What's even better about these sweet treats is that theres a variety of flavors such as cookie butter, cake batter (my favorite), puppy chow, and Reese's and each doughnut comes plain with a side of frosting and toppings for you to decorate! In addition to shipping these donuts straight to your house, the company also donates some of their profits to help child obesity and diabetes.

Protein Bakery

Cookies, and brownies, and blondies, oh my! The Protein Bakery is a dream come true. This company sends out fresh baked goods that allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free. This company has been around since 1999, which proves just how good their desserts are. Some of my favorites include the chocolate white chip cookies, the peanut butter blondie, and the chocolate chip brownie, but these are only a few of their many options. Everything is baked fresh and mail straight to your door and each dessert is filled with fiber, protein, and healthy flours and will be sure to leave you satisfied.

Bundts of Steel

Looking to kick your cake craving? Try out Bundts of Steel protein-packed bundt cakes! These cakes were developed to help curb the sweet tooth of a healthy eater, and they sure do just that. My personal favorite was the cookie butter cake, but these also come in double chocolate and lemon. They're shipped to your door fresh and all it takes is 20 seconds in the microwave for a warm, moist, and most importantly healthified cake. Try adding some Halo Top or Enlightened ice cream on top to make for an even more delectable dessert. 

Lions Choice

Healthy Cookie Dough? Yes, it exists. While there has been recent news of cookie dough shops such as Do in NYC, a healthier and just as delicious option is The Lions Pack edible cookie dough. These doughs come in almost any flavor imaginable such as samoa cookie, red velvet, birthday cake, or even teddy graham. The magicians behind this cookie dough make the jars fresh everyday and they are all gluten-free, egg-free, vegan, and infused with over 20 superfoods. Be warned though: once you start eating this it's hard to stop.

Bite Meals

If you're interested in the fitness community, chances are you know who Katy Hearn and her husband Haydn Schneider are. In addition to their amazing physiques, this power couple is well known for their fitness programs and recently opened gym, and newest business of a meal prep company Bite Meals. Their meals are all delicious and convenient and they also have healthy desserts available. Gooey blondies, fudgey brownies, and oatmeal cookies are just some of the options that you are sure to love!

If you weren't hungry before reading this article, I bet you are now. Desserts are the way to anyones heart, and being healthy makes these even better. Whether they're for yourself or for your friend, these having fresh baked, healthy desserts on hand is the key to happiness.