Have you ever been in such a rush that a sit-down breakfast just isn't an option? If you are a college student, working adult or just a late sleeper, you know what I am talking about. I have the perfect recipes for you that are not only healthy but are quick and easy breakfast foods you can eat that won't make you late to class (healthy breakfasts on the go)! 

As a first year college student, one of the many challenges I have recently been faced with is the struggle to wake up early enough to eat breakfast. Coming from an extreme food lover, this is not taken lightly, as I am the type of person who needs food to start my day. 

I know I am not the only food lover out there, and there are plenty of people who also need a healthy meal but still want those 20 extra minutes of sleep, so I am here to give you all the options viable to you in the morning!! 

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Jocelyn Hsu

In order to always ensure you can eat in the morning, stock up on granola bars and protein bars. They are quick and easy, and you can eat them on the way to class with no mess! Some of my favorites include Thinkthin chocolate almond bars and RX bars! A trick to finding healthy bars is checking the ingredients before purchasing. Healthy bars tend to have fewer ingredients, but ones that are fulfilling in the morning.

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Sarah Fung

If protein bars aren't for you, I also recommend stocking up on fruits like apples, bananas and grapes that you can bring on the go. If you are a college student, make sure to grab fruit on your way out of the dining hall (bring it back with you and leave it for the morning!!). Bringing food back with you will give you more time in the morning.

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Santina Renzi

Additionally, if you are an apple sauce lover, try Go-Go Squeeze! They require no utensils and are delicious. Personally, I love the apple-strawberry flavor :) Yogurt is also a great thing to keep in your fridge; my favorites are Chobani greek yogurt (vanilla) and Siggi's yogurt (find at Trader Joe's).

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Lindsay Bralower

If you like oatmeal, a fun and easy trick to having it ready in the morning is overnight oats. To make them, all you need is milk or water, and plain oats. Pour one serving of plain oats in a bowl or container, then pour your liquid over the oats. If you like your oatmeal thick, pour a little less liquid then you would if you like it watery (completely covering the oats). Then, cover the bowl or container, stick it in the fridge, and in the morning, you will have delicious overnight oats! You can put fruit or honey on it to make it taste a little sweeter :)

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Last but certainly not least, smoothies are for everyone! I love smoothies because they are truly customizable. You can make them with any base, such as yogurt, apple juice, or even almond milk. Adding frozen and fresh fruits make for a great smoothie, and I would even recommend throwing a veggie or two in there! Surprisingly, the overpowering flavors from both the base and the fruits actually hide the taste of the veggies! Smoothies are versatile. You can make them yourself, or if you go to Syracuse (hehe go orange :)) the Barnes Center actually just came out with a new smoothie bar, called Otto's Juice Box. Go and check it out!

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Serina Levin

From protein bars to fruit to smoothies, there are so many ways you can get a quick meal in before you go to class in the early mornings. Never go without eating in the morning, it starts your day the right way, and will give you more energy to get that work done :)