Health food has been on the rise lately, and along with it, health food trends have emerged. You see them on everything from Pinterest to Instagram, but which trends are actually worth trying? I’ve tried them all and compiled a list of the 17 best ones.

1. Dark chocolate

Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate for a heart-healthy, less sugary version of your favorite snack.

#SpoonTip: If you are craving chocolate, you are most likely low on magnesium.

2. Raw, local honey

tea, jam
Carter Roland

This not only has lots Vitamin D and antioxidants, but it also helps fight sickness.

3. Turmeric and ginger

This go-to combo is an anti-inflammatory, and it spikes your metabolism.

#SpoonTip: Add black pepper to whatever you are adding the turmeric to in order to fully absorb all benefits.

4. Green juice

oil, beer
Emery Sereno

Get your greens in without really tasting them in a juice.

5. Kale chips

Eat your kale, but in chip form—way more delicious.

6. Apple cider vinegar with the mother

Phoebe Melnick

This encourages weight loss by increasing satiety and helps with digestion. Also, it helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Add one tablespoon to a salad or an eight-ounce glass of water.

7. Warm lemon water and cayenne pepper

Lemons are alkaline, which means they help balance the body’s pH levels, and the cayenne pepper boosts metabolism and curbs cravings.

8. Overnight oats

Maggie Harriman

The variations and add-ins are endless, but pretty much just add almond milk to oats in a mason jar, store in the fridge overnight and the next morning you have delicious oatmeal.

9. Coconut oil pulling

This practice involves swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes in order to draw out any bacteria that's in your mouth as well as whiten teeth.

10. Açaí bowls

chocolate, coffee, cream, cereal, milk, sweet
Marielena Planas

Açaí is a natural superfood fruit full of antioxidants. Plus these bowls are definitely Insta-worthy.

11. Lettuce wraps

Replace bread with lettuce, and you have a healthier version of your favorite wrap, sandwich or burger.

12. Zoodles

spaghetti, courgette, olive, pasta, zucchini, oil
Jackie Behar

Zucchini noodles can be made with a zoodler and used instead of pasta in any pasta dish. The more veggies in your diet, the better.

13. Plant-based milk

Cow’s milk is old news; try almond, coconut, oat, rice or even hemp milk instead. Each of these has a different consistency and flavor, so check them out and step up your cereal game.

14. Avocado toast

meat, toast, bread, vegetable, avocado
Anna Lustig

Toast? Check. Avocado on top? Check. Super quick and super healthy.

15. Wheatgrass shots

These can be found at health food cafés or restaurants and will pretty much give you a boost of energy from greens. They aren’t the tastiest, but they will leave you feeling amazing.

16. Kombucha

Sarah Haselhorst

This is fermented tea, which is often mixed with a fruit juice. It is great for your gut because of the good bacteria caused by the fermentation.

17. Specialty diets

These include vegan, gluten-free, grain-free diets and everything in between. They have become very common as people are generally becoming more health-conscious.

So the next time you're feeling like going on a health kick, try out some of these health food trends. What's the worst that could happen?