The magic of Harry Potter and the magic of your favorite Starbucks drinks can bring happiness "even in the darkest of times." Rereading those spell-binding books for a tenth time or sitting down to a Harry Potter movie marathon can provide comfort and cheer — just like a trip to Starbucks.

Harry Potter: Vanilla latte

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Kellyn Simpkins

Hear me out. Harry is the most enduring, pervasive character. He's not the most well-loved in the series, but you cannot deny that he is famous. That being said, Harry's pretty basic. Despite his conspicuous lightning scar and his connection with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, he's your predictable, teenage wizard just trying to make it through Hogwarts. Thus, Harry is the vanilla latte of the Wizarding World.

Ron Weasley: Caramel macchiato

The knight in shining armor. Ron is one of the Harry Potter universe's most underrated characters, and the caramel macchiato is one of Starbucks' most underrated drinks. There is an unmistakable loyalty to Ron's friendship, and you know that with him, Harry and Hermione always have a home. He is much like this beloved, beautiful drink that doesn't get the credit it deserves for all its splendor. 

Hermione Granger: Vanilla sweet cream cold brew

Hermione is focused, fierce, practical, and always gets the job done. That being said, there is also a sweetness to her that cannot be understated. She's like Starbucks' vanilla sweet cream cold brew, the perfect combination of boldness and just a touch of sweetness.

Albus Dumbledore: Double shot iced soy peppermint latte 

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore has many essential facets that make up his character. He is wise, but flawed. He is funny, but extremely powerful. He is certainly complex. Dumbledore is basically an homage to every Starbucks drink people create with their favorite components (and this one is mine). The end result for each person is something unique and truly magical. 

Hagrid: Hot chocolate

As Harry's most constant father figure (sorry Dumbledore), and just a warm, caring, gentle soul, Rebeus Hagrid is most certainly a Starbucks' cup of hot chocolate. Just like hot chocolate introduces many to the magic of Starbucks, Hagrid introduces Harry to the magic of the Wizarding World, and both are always there to provide comfort when in need of it most.

Minerva McGonagall: Dark roast black coffee

Professor McGonagall is a straight-forward, stern woman with a resting face reminiscent of someone who just took a sip of rather bitter coffee. However, like your favorite dark roast blend, she is always there to help provide a simple solution. 

Ginny Weasley: Pumpkin spice latte

Ginny in the movies might as well be lukewarm water, but "book Ginny" is a favorite among Potterheads for her sass, strength, and sweetness. She, like the PSL, is a combination of all these traits and appears at the proper moment to aid her friends in summoning the courage to face the day's struggles. 

Neville Longbottom: Peppermint mocha

Neville is a favorite in the Harry Potter universe because he's such an underdog, but emerges a hero in the end. Both the drink and the character are beautiful and comforting, and will appear when you need them most to help win the day. 

Luna Lovegood: Strawberry açaí refresher

Luna is an odd assortment of flavors, but it is always a relief to see her appear on the scene. Like the new favorite, strawberry açaí, Luna can provide the refreshing comic relief and a burst of liveliness to the most grim situations. 

Fred and George Weasley: Dirty chai latte

coffee, milk, tea, espresso, ice
Margaret Weinberg

Mischievous. I suggest this drink to anyone I bring to Starbucks who is "not a coffee fan." Fred and George combine the sweetness and comfort of a chai latte with the daring and boldness of that added espresso shot.

Draco Malfoy: Unsweetened green tea

Is it the Slytherin colors? The unmistakable bitterness? This comparison was made because people (mostly me) seem to have a love-hate relationship with young Mr. Malfoy and this Starbucks drink. What is certain is that neither the drink nor the character have an ounce of sweetness, and there's an air of pretentiousness to them both.

Cedric Diggory: Mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino

Both are, tragically, no longer with us. And while there are numerous beloved characters in Harry Potter I could have related to this beloved discontinued drink, Cedric stands out as one in our lives so briefly and taken way too soon. 

Whether or not you agree with our comparisons, we can all agree that Harry Potter and Starbucks share a certain magic and will always be there when we need them most.