Dear Starbucks’ Holiday Drinks,

I must confess: I love you; I really really do. Each year, I look forward to spending time with you and dream of long nights, cuddling in front of the fireplace with you.

When I stop by your house, I wait. I wonder: when will you return?

Your sister is home, and the leaves are falling. I see the Christmas lights and hear the holiday music, but I can’t feel the holiday cheer. I am reminded of our times together; I can’t enjoy the holidays without you here.

Then, November comes. You are finally home again. I skip; I run; I scream; I laugh as I race towards your warm embrace.

What will you be like this holiday season?

holiday drink

Photo by Luna Zhang

Will you be sweet, refreshing Peppermint Mocha, reminding me of walking hand in hand during cold, winter nights? Or will you be Caramel Brulee, sugary and sophisticated? Or maybe even comfortable and inviting Chestnut Praline?

No matter your flavor, you intoxicate me. I find you so beautiful in your cheery, snug, red sweater and sweet, fluffy, white scarf.

You make me dance. You make me smile. Please, won’t you stay a bit longer this holiday season?

Your Secret Admirer