It's never too early to start planning your Halloween costume, IMHO. After all, a ton of cultural and meme-able moments that popped off this year such as the Barbie movie, Taylor Swift's Eras Tour outfits, and even Selena Gomez peacefully sitting in a blanket are all inspirations in and of themselves. While you rack your brain trying to find the perfect costume, couples outfits, and Halloween snacks, we got you covered for one thing: Halloween Borg names. You won't need to scramble the day of your Halloween parties to think of the perfect label for your gallon of water, liquor and MiO. From horror movie icons, to scary film quotes that are instantly recognizable, these Halloween Borg puns will be perfect to use all night long.

#SpoonTip: No matter what you're drinking, make sure to always drink responsibly. Spoon does not promote binge or underage drinking. 

The Borgey-man

Watch out for Michael Myers. He might try to stab your jugs. This Borg would definitely pair well with your Laurie Strode costume. She's the best final girl, if we're being real with each other. 

The Borg Of Frankenstein

This also works with "Borg Of Chucky" if you prefer killer dolls to monsters. 

"I Ate His Liver With Some Fava Beans And A Nice Borg"

Yes, it's a long quote, but the payoff is divine. Almost as divine as Hannibal Lecter's human-based meals. 

The Borga-dook

Gay icon "The Babadook" will also make a great borg companion on Halloween night. 

"You're Gonna Need A Bigger Borg"

Photo via Universal/YouTube

Sink your teeth into some Halloween treats while hanging out with your chums this spooky season. 

American Borg-or Story

This is a great icebreaker to see who at the Halloween party loves American Horror Story: Asylum, and who is wrong. 

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostborgsters

I ain't 'fraid of no borg. 

"Feed Me, Sey-Borg"

For all you "Little Shop of Borg-ors" fans. 

Jason Borg-hees

Photo via Paramount Pictures/YouTube

It's not Halloween without a visit from the Jason Vorhees of Camp Crystal Lake fame. 

Borgies Borgies Borgies

If you're as obsessed with A24's Bodies Bodies Bodies featuring Rachel Sennott, Pete Davidson, Amandla Stenberg, and Lee Pace as I am, then this borg name is just a given.  

The Phantom Of The Borg-era

Borg me... that's all I ask of you. 

Rocky Borg-or Picture Show

Photo via 20th Century Studios/YouTube

Don't drink your borg too fast, or you might experience your own "Time Warp."

Rosemary's Borg-y

Thankfully, this borg will not be the spawn of the antichrist, so you have that going for you. 

The Lost Borgs

Make sure you add those electrolytes into your borg so you have the energy to hunt any vampires if necessary. 

"Double, Double, Borg and Trouble"

"Out damned spot," I say as I lowkey spill half my borg on a random person's carpet. Oops. 

Children Of The Borg

If you go to a school in the midwest, you too are a child of the corn. 

"When You Get To My Door, Tell Them Borg Sent You"

Only the real "Monster Mash" fans will get this reference. 

Borg Is Afraid

If you're an A24 darling, you will love this goofy take on the surrealist horror movie Beau Is Afraid

Heeeeeere's Borg-y!

I would recommend not carrying an ax, à la Jack Torrance, with you while drinking Borg on Halloween night. 

The Borgs Are Their Money

If you're a fan of the sillier side of Halloween, you might be a fan of the skeleton song from Tim Robinson's Netflix hit I Think You Should Leave. I mean, the line, "The skeletons will pull your hair/Up, but not out," is iconic. 

Borg Of Bones

Stephen King fans, Bag Of Bones is one of his most underrated novels, am I right or am I right?