Going to the gym is incredibly important for one's health, and so is refuelling following a workout! Not eating the right protein or food after a workout can make it like you never even stepped foot in the gym since eating protein after a workout is the most crucial aspect if you want to build muscle. That being said, make sure you pay attention to what you are eating after you exercise, and to help, here is a guide to getting the right fuel into your diet following your workouts!

Protein Bars 

Protein bars are the best post-exercise fuel as they are easy to grab and take with you to the gym! They also taste really good, often like a chocolate or granola bar. If you want to make your own, here is a great recipe that doesn't even require protein powder. My favourite protein bars are Cliff Bars and Simply Protein. I like Simply Protein because it has more protein than it does sugar.

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Audrey Mirabito

Protein Shake

Protein shakes are easy to make the night before your workout, and if you get the right mix, your taste buds will be thanking you! Sometimes its hard to figure out the mix you want, so here are some protein shake recipes! My favourite protein shake is very simple and low in sugar: 


Prep Time: 5 minutes 

- Frozen fruit (your favourite type)

- 1 scoop of vanilla yogurt 

- A splash of milk 

- 1 scoop of protein power

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Christin Urso


Eggs are the perfect post-workout meal as they are quick, easy, healthy, delicious and PACKED with protein! There are so many different types you can make ranging from scrambled, hard-boiled to omelettes. You can also add other items like toast and avocado for delicious avocado toast topped with an egg!

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Msu Spoon

Oatmeal with added Protein

Oatmeal is not always a fan favourite, however, it has lots of added benefits and is the perfect post-exercise fuel idea! If you still need convincing, this article has 5 easy oatmeal hacks to turn you into an oatmeal lover. I often enjoy including some sort of nut butter and banana to my oatmeal, and if I feel the oatmeal needs more sugar I will add maple syrup! I love oatmeal as it is easy and healthy, so I feel great after eating it. This article includes more ideas for your oatmeal if you need more convincing 😉. 

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Caitlin Shoemaker


Milk is high in protein, refreshing, and great for refuelling your body after a long workout. I personally, do not like regular milk so I tend to choose chocolate milk. Milk is also super easy to get your hands on, and easy to get into your body fast after a workout! If you are lactose-free, you can also check out great alternatives such as soy or almond milk. Sometimes these alternatives do not have as much protein as regular milk which you must watch out for to make sure you are getting the right amount of protein. 

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Caroline Ingalls

I hope this guide to getting the right fuel after your workout helps you. And remember, refuelling after your workout is integral to building more muscle so whether its a protein shake or protein bar, don't forget your refueling snack! These food/ beverage items are also great between classes or whenever you need a pick me up.