Shopping for gifts can be difficult. When you’re struggling to find the right gift and nothing seems right, the holiday season can cause stress for everyone. Finding gifts for your foodie friends doesn’t have to be. With these six unique gifts, you can ensure that your foodie friend will love their present this holiday season.

A Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club Subscription

For $42 a month, you can purchase a cheese of the month subscription. In this subscription, you receive 3 surprise wedges of cheese that are about half a pound. These cheeses vary in texture and flavor giving you a new experience every month. This could be the gift that keeps on giving all year round because you can purchase this subscription for up to 12 months. This gift is unique and surely one that any foodie would greatly appreciate. 

A Shittake Mushroom Log Kit

Perfect for the chef of your friend group, this gift gives fresh produce without the hassle of cultivating a garden. For only $25, Mushroom King Farm sells a mushroom log that can grow shiitake mushrooms for up to 3 years. With little maintenance, this gift will make a lasting impression on your foodie friend. 

A Temperature-Controlled Smart Mug

These self-heating mugs will keep any drink perfectly warm throughout the day. At $100, these mugs are available in 3 different colors. With these mugs, your drink can stay hot at up to 145 °F. With a clean, sleek look, these mugs are the perfect splurge for your foodie friend who loves a good hot coffee.

"Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat" by Samin Nosrat

For only $17, this cookbook is perfect for your foodie friend who wants to start exploring with their own gourmet food. This cookbook comes with many easy recipes to help anyone become a chef right in their own home. Chef Samin Nosrat created this cookbook to help people focus on the four most important parts of any recipe: salt, fat, acid, and heat. From soy-braised short ribs to buttermilk roast chicken, there is a recipe in here for everything.

A Luxe Infused Salt Variety Pack

This is the perfect gift to spice up your foodie friend’s life. This salt pack comes with 6 different kinds of salt: sriracha salt, lime salt, espresso salt, jalapeno salt, black truffle salt, and chardonnay salt. This gift will enhance your friend’s food while also being an aesthetically pleasing spice display for their kitchen. Gift this to any friend who loves to cook.

A Gingerbread Mini Waffle Maker

This holiday-themed gift will surely get a lot of use for the holiday season. This mini waffle maker not only cooks waffles to perfection but it creates waffles with an imprint of a gingerbread man. For $10, this unique gift will impress any foodie. To add more to this gift, you can include a festive waffle mix such as My favorite... Cinnamon Bun Pancake and Waffle Mix

'Tis the Season

This holiday season, make your foodie friends happy with any of these gifts. Enjoy this holiday season by building gingerbread houses, milk and cookies, and being with the people in your life that you care about. For more edible gifts for your friends, check out this spoon article. Happy holidays!