I'm a big believer that every girl should #treatyoself, but celebrities are taking it to the next level. Ke$ha drops more money on glitter every month than I pay in rent, and Beyoncé owns gold leggings that cost $100K. But if you still think that's not extra enough, then check out this glittery Starbucks cup that Jennifer Lopez has been carrying around. And yes, you can also get your Starbucks cup blinged-out like J.Lo. I mean, just look at it. Who wouldn't want one of these?

The bedazzled cup is made by TaylorMade Bling Embellishments, a small embellishment company located in St. Louis, Missouri. The company adds bling to literally anything, but popular products include water bottles, eos lip balms, wine bottles, and baby pacifiers (yup, for real).

J-Lo's Starbucks cup was a gift from her manicurist for her birthday, and it contains hundreds of black, silver, and green Swarovski crystals. The cup reportedly cost $585, which is more than I would spend on even my closest friends for their birthdays tbh (sorry, ladies). But it was clearly a good purchase because J-Lo brings it everywhere with her. And I mean everywhere; she even brings her Starbucks cup to the gym.

Honestly, just imagine how glamorous J-Lo must look lifting weights at the gym with her bedazzled Starbucks cup by her side. Oh, wait, you don't have to; there's a picture of that too, and J-Lo is obviously slaying in it. Somebody please explain to me how she even looks glamorous in a tracksuit.

But the Starbucks cup isn't just a workout accessory; J-Lo uses her cup as a convenient way to transport her coffee in her car. I like to think that Jennifer Lopez is just like the rest of us, frantically sipping her coffee at red lights while driving to work. And yes, J-Lo's bedazzled cup is actually as big as it looks in this picture. Imagine how much homemade PSL you could fit in that.

If you (like me) are loving the look of this bedazzled Starbucks cup but the price tag of $585 is making your eyes bleed, then don't worry, you can still get your Starbucks cup blinged-out like Jennifer Lopez, but for less. The owner of the company, Teneka Moore, says that she sells more budget-friendly cups that retail at about $130 to $150, too.

Sadly, orders are closed for 2017, because the cups are so popular, but you can get your credit cards ready for 2018. Whether you're buying a cup for yourself or as a present for a friend, you just can't go wrong with a sparkly Starbucks cup.

If you're looking for hot beverages to put in your new bedazzled cup, then why not try some boozy hot chocolate? Or, if you want to be more like J-Lo, then skip the alcohol because it's bad for your skin and try this homemade vegan eggnog instead. Whatever you make, it'll look 100 percent cooler in this blinged-out cup.