The Grub Fest has been around for quite some time now and everyone is aware of what a heaven it is for all the foodies in Delhi. This year too, it was organised at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from 14th to 16th October 2016 (You can still go here before its too late.)

cake, beer
Shubhangi Aggarwal

Grub Fest, as the name suggests is all focused on food and culinary delights which are combined with some interesting elements of entertainment and art that make it a complete package. It is the perfect combination of all good things you'll need to make your average day a great one.

We, at Spoon Delhi couldn't stop ourselves from getting #grubbed and have brought to you some of the main attractions of the fest.

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Shubhangi Aggarwal

1. Food (Duh.)

The Grub Fest is all about food. On entering the arena, one can't help but notice the beauty of all the stalls present and take in some wonderful fragrance of the food that they have to offer. This fest has always been famous for providing the foodies of Delhi all sorts of cuisines on one single ground.

Here are some of the 1000s dishes available this time: 

Momos in all shapes, sizes and varieties

chicken, meat, sauce, pork, vegetable, beef, parsley
Shubhangi Aggarwal

Gooooood Chicken

chicken, meat
Mehak Dhawan

The Classic Burgers

Ice cream to beat the heat

Shubhangi Aggarwal

Maggi Maggi Maggi

pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, vegetable
Shubhangi Aggarwal

Droolworthy Donuts 

chocolate, doughnut, cake, sweet, pastry, candy
Mehak Dhawan

Refreshing beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

cocktail, ice, juice, lemonade, soda, alcohol
Shubhangi Aggarwal

Heavenly Desserts

chocolate, candy, sweet, cake
Mehak Dhawan

Kiwi, yes, Kiwi

beer, cake
Shubhangi Aggarwal

Coffees and Shakes

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S'more Ice Cream

ice, ice cream, cream, chocolate, sundae
Shubhangi Aggarwal

2. Beautiful And Unique Stalls

Apart from some good food, The Grub Fest had some really dope looking stalls from our favourite cafes. Some of the very brilliant stalls were: 


gingerbread, candy, cookie, cake
Shubhangi Aggarwal

Niche Cafe and Bar

wine, beer, coffee
Shubhangi Aggarwal


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Cafe Hera Pheri

3. Live Music Performances

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Shubhangi Aggarwal

The Grub Fest had a special stage dedicated to music. There were a large number of musicians and bands that performed, some of the big names being Zaeden, Nikhil Chinapa, Sukh E Muzical Doctorz and Hari & Sukhmani. 

4. Oh-So-Pretty Decor

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Shubhangi Aggarwal

One couldn't help but notice how prettily the whole arena was decorated. From installations to beautiful lighting, The Grub Fest gets all the brownie points when it comes to how it looked.

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5. Food Trucks

coffee, water, beer, barbecue
Shubhangi Aggarwal

Food Trucks never fail to give you this cool vibe with all the hustle bustle going in and around them. There were a number of food trucks at The Grub Fest serving everything from tacos and burgers to ice creams.

6. The Grub Theatre

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The Grub Theatre screened movies in the morning and turned to  a workshop portal by the afternoon which had all sorts of cooking, bartending and dessert making sessions. 

We couldn't help but feel sorry if you missed going to this fest and are already waiting for its next edition.